can someone find pics of these dresses…?

January 20th, 2011

they’re [future] wedding dresses
planning to wed bf of 3.5 years
so color=white/ivory…

1st dress [chapel wedding]:
neckline= halter *preferably* [2nd option=straight across]
waistline= v-shaped *preferably* [2nd option=mermaid]
length= long
skirt= full? [fluffy, but not too fluffy… slimmer than a ball gown]
detail= beading
top fabric= satin
bottom fabric= mesh-y? chiffon? tulle? taffeta?

2nd dress [beach wedding]:
neckline= one-shoulder
waistline= empire
length= medium-ish
skirt= asymmetrical/layered/flowing [chiffon?]
details= embroidery/lace

post links [pics of dresses or sites] below
thanks everyone so much <3 best answer= 5 stars, 10 points[[p.s. please no "just go to a place and try them on" or "you may like that now, but what about when you try others on?" or "dont buy a dress online, nonrefundable, etc"... i just want to see dresses! i dont plan to buy one yet. and i dont really have extra time to visit a place at the moment 🙂 ...BUT when i DO get engaged, i will most certainly go try them on!]]

2 Responses to “can someone find pics of these dresses…?”

  1. ☮ <3 :) says:


    I only visited two sites, but I tried to find some that fit most of your catagories, sorry if this wasn’t in any way what you were looking for though! 🙁 :










    *I know #9 isn’t anything you were looking for, but I just thought it was the most breath-taking dress I’d seen 🙂

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