Can anyone please give me some advice on how to dress my best friend to look like an realistic girl?

May 13th, 2011

My best friend that I know from high school is actually gay and he is having a hard time with society because of his orientation. I’m his best friend and I’m a straight girl and I really want to help him out. He is currently 23 years old as the same age as me and he has fallen for this other guy but the other guy’s parent isn’t accepting him and is demanding him to marry a girl. My best friend wants to be the role of the girl in the relationship so I have thought about dressing him up completely as a girl form head to toe to help him with his situation. He has to go meet the parents of the guy for dinner next weekend and then they would let him get engaged and then the next thing would be the wedding and wedding reception. We’ve tried some things on my friends and founded out that 2 things he must wear are a wig and he has to wear stiletto heels possibly some 5 or 6 inch pumps, the brown wig looks good on him. He actually is very excited about wearing the heels because he says he always wanted to wear that and that god should have made him a girl. When he putted on the heels it automatically made his legs look like a girl’s legs because he is really skinny. My friend has to pass as a girl when he goes to the other guy’s parent house so they could get engaged. He is also planning to get a sex change after the wedding so he can become a girl permanently. My cousin Tina who majored in Cosmetic Makeup Specialist has agreed to help him out with the make up part. Can anyone please give us some tips and some clothing suggestion on what my friend should wear when he goes to the other guy’s parents home ? We don’t know if he should wear a dress or a skirt with a top and we don’t what would make him look like a realistic girl ? Also, If he is going to get married as a girl what could we do to make sure he also looks like a realistic girl for his wedding ceremony and wedding reception ?? He is really wanting to get married to that guy and he is willing to become a girl for this. He said it would be easier to get married when people thought that he was a girl. Can anyone please give us some help on how to dress my friend ?? I’m a very open minded straight girl so it’s no problem helping out my friend.

2 Responses to “Can anyone please give me some advice on how to dress my best friend to look like an realistic girl?”

  1. TayS says:

    dress him how you would dress if you were going to meet your boyfriend’s parents..if your a straight girl and he’s a gay guy trying to dress like a straight girl then it should be similar

  2. The Stylish One says:

    Being a realistic girl will take practice. I have helped a few guys through their male to female transformation and I recommend the following:

    1) Be realistic. Do not try to make her into a drag queen. Find nice, stylish clothes that will make her look like a mature woman not some freak. Nice, but not over the top.

    2) She needs to see a therapist so she can start her gender transformation. She needs to see the therapist so she can start taking hormones and get the correct surgeries.

    3) Tell her she needs to think of herself as a girl. Tell her that she needs to change her name, go 24/7 as a female and expect her lover to treat her as such (this means she only sexually performs as a female would so no use of that mistake between her legs).

    If you need any advice email me.

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