By modern standards, is it really that bad for a bride to wear a red wedding dress?

October 8th, 2010

My fiance and are are discussing wedding plans and she really wants to wear a red dress (not bright red, but a darker wine red). It is my opinion that this might not be the best thing, even though we throw a lot of tradition out the door when it comes to weddings; we’re just different, but to me, a red dress is where I draw the line.

Does anyone think this might not be a problem these days?

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  1. iampatsajak says:

    There are so many dresses now that are red and white or different colors.. I wore a light pink dress to my wedding.

    Whatever makes her happy.

  2. jordy bug says:

    no its not a problem. its her wedding, her dress, her issue. its not up to the groom to decide. a wedding, sorry to say, is the brides day. its all about her and making her happy. the wedding NIGHT is the grooms.

  3. steffo says:

    no, she should wear what ever makes her happy. Best of Luck.

  4. jhvnmt says:

    of all things, on the dress you need to let her have her way.

  5. kerilynn_77 says:

    First of all, we have traditions when it comes to weddings. But a lot of these traditions have been thrown out the window for personal preference. Such as, getting married in churches.. that doesn’t happen THAT often anymore.. people are now choosing banquet halls, beaches…. anything! The wedding day should be something that you two desire it to be… whatever makes YOU happy… its the one day that you are going to have in memory the rest of your life together… the day where you devote yourself to one another… if wearing a red dress will make her happy, then let her do it!

  6. CRK says:

    As the bride, she has the right to wear whatever she wishes to her wedding (as long as the church officials don’t have any issues with it…) Because tradition is being thrown out these days, and brides are getting more diverse, creative and just plain funkier, wearing a different color dress is okay. It will certaintly make her more memorable amougst her guests. Just make sure that she’s aware of any superstitions/sayings etc. about wearing red! Have fun! Cheers!

  7. Karli P says:

    it’s actually not all that bad. in china it’s good luck to wear red on your wedding day as the bride. so please don’t fret and consider yourself lucky.

  8. nanny says:

    It’s just tacky – and she should heed your opinion.

  9. fireworksncastles says:

    are you getting married in a church. I think that you have to wear the traditional white or ivory if you are. If you are not getting married in a church then wear whatever you want!

  10. daisy5263 says:

    phew! you should know by now, you must keep the woman happy if everyone else is to be happy… If she wants to wear red, then she should wear red… It is NOT the dress you are marrying….

  11. bead2much says:

    Times are a changing my friend.

    I get married in June 2008 and my dress is white with claret red trim and claret red running down the back.

  12. bubbles says:

    I think it’s fine… some cultures do wear red for weddings and white for funerals. let her wear what she wants!

  13. sensualfeyz says:

    According the Cantonese (Chinese) customs, its lucky for the bride to wear red on her wedding.

    I see Cantonese brides who wear white wedding dresses, must have a touch of red in it, eg, a red corsage, red belt, wrist band, etc.

  14. kateqd30 says:

    I actually saw an episode of Whose Wedding is it Anyway where the bride wore a red dress, it was AWESOME! I’ll try to find a picture.

    The theme was Fire and Ice and they had the wedding at a Winery in Napa, she wore red and the rest of the party wore black, really inconventional, but it seriously looked amazing.

    People wear all sorts of dresses now a days, there isnt a rule anymore.

    ETA:Here is the link to their wedding page, have a look, her dress really worked for the day and the decor

  15. Meems says:

    Your older guests will probably frown on it but it is really up to the two of you. I would say this is more appropriate if you are getting married in the evening or Christmas season but paler colors are generally more appropriate and, most importantly, keep the bride from blending in with the guests (most guests know not to wear whites). I also wanted some color in my gown and went with a beautiful Alfred Agenlo dress that had red along the top, bottom and surrounding the stitching and a red pannel in the back. Everyone commented on how beautiful it was and it didn’t shock too many of the elderly guests :).

    Again, it is your bride’s day so support her decision if she won’t compromise.

  16. Organza says:

    Red wedding dresses have been common in European weddings over the past decade, and are starting to be seen in American weddings as well.

    If you feel uncomfortable with your wife-to-be wearing an entirely red wedding gown, and you are both willing to compromise, there are also more traditional white gowns with red sashes and other accents available.

    I would also advise you to keep in mind that the gown is very important to many brides, who tend to spend a great deal of time looking for “the one” that makes them feel amazing. Perhaps for your future wife, a red wedding gown is “the one” for her. Also, it is uncommon for the groom to have a say in what type of gown his bride should wear, though perhaps this tradition is not one that you and your fiancee subscribe to.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  17. JonBandit says:

    Better question is why? Why in hell would she want to do that? She wants to be special and non traditional…do it buck fuuked naked would have more class and finesse that a red dress…ha ha ha !
    But seriously…does she have issues with-in her mind or a history of drug and liquor abuses? Do you really want to marry a lady who comes with so much baggage? What nationality is she BTW? I’d would suggest you put this nonsensical wedding off for awhile until she goes to rehab and you dip your stick somewheres else and discover that there might be someone better suited for your future!

  18. sweetxgrace says:

    I don’t see it as a problem. A lot of wedding dresses have accent colors of your choice in them, and Alfred Anglo carries a large line of dresses with color in them.

    Personally I don’t like the idea of wearing entirely red. I don’t know. I just think it’s nice to finally wear that white gown.

    I saw an episode of Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway, and the bride wore an all red gown. I thought it looked terrible on here and so prom like.

    And to the above poster….don’t you think you’re going a little extreme? Drug problems? What?


    Everyone says you can do what you want on your wedding…but I personally think that is a stupid idea. Brides wear white. Red is inappropriate. There is a standard for dress codes…if you are in the USA you wear suits to funerals, flip flops to the beach, and white gown if youre a bride!…Its that simple.

  20. sparkleythings_4you says:

    Honestly people don’t follow tradition like they used to, and anyone that scorns the choices you have made has no place at your wedding, a true friend would not make such criticisms based on traditions that are going out of fashion fast these days. I think you are worrying over nothing, this day is about you and your future wife, it should reflect your personalities and desires etc, not what other people think or like. The white tradition only came about after Queen Victoria wore white, it became a fashion that people copied and all the “virginal” stuff does not hold up these days.

  21. giggles says:

    It is not a problem.

    Red is the traditional color for an Asian wedding dress.

  22. Jessica S says:

    Its great to have indivdual taste and be creative but I feel a dark red dress she may look back on years from now and regret it. Not to mention in Black and White photos the dress will look black.

    Maybe she can do a dark red sash on the dress to still incorporate the color red.

  23. Kitty says:

    I don’t see any problem with it… It’s up to her, and I’m sure it’ll turn our beautiful. I had a pale green brocade dress with black velvet trim, myself.

  24. MariChelita says:

    Well, an entirely red dress may be a problem. Maybe she can go with something more like this one:

  25. LMF says:

    No it is not a problem. I saw a few weddings where the bride has worn red and a wine colored gown and she looked beautiful. Lots of gowns now are going outside of the box and using colors instead of the “traditional” colors. Let her have fun with her color gown.

  26. Dee G says:

    I don’t think so. It’s her day as well as yours, so let her wear what she really wants to wear. I know someone who got married in a black dress.

  27. Sue says:

    Red wedding dresses look beautiful like on

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