Bridal Shower Invitation Question?

July 8th, 2011

I am hosting a bridal shower and a lingerie/bachelorette party. We have two separate invitations for each. I am working on mailing them out soon and wondering about the mailing addresses. Do they need to be handwritten or typed on a label, or does it matter?? I don’t know much about wedding etiquette so I wasn’t sure about this situation. The event isn’t very formal. Just close friends and family are invited. Thanks!!

8 Responses to “Bridal Shower Invitation Question?”

  1. Felani Perez says:

    Hi…for my sisters bridal shower, I typed the envelopes. No labels they are tacky. And I hand wrote the bachelorette.

    This was not standard font. It was a fancy one….

  2. blueman2 says:

    handwritten is more personal….but good hand writing is a must

  3. Ms M says:

    I think that the bridal shower invites addresses should be hand written. These are more formal events than a bachelorette party. With a bachelorette party the invites can be printed by the computer. I think if you look at most etiquette sites it will tell you that all invites need to be hand written, but with this being 2007 some people differ in opinions. Good luck with the parties. I just gave a bridal shower this week and all the preparation wore me out.

  4. Tiff Tiff says:

    ok about the label thing.. well white labels are tacky but the soft clear ones are not.. i just used them… trust me they look great.. i used a calligraphy font.. no need to handwrite them… and my wedding is not informal or anything.. its a $200,000 wedding… so believe long as you use the clear labels, your fine!!

  5. Gem says:

    It’s completely and totally up to you…I like to use the clear labels and use a really cute font…

    however, please keep in mind NO ONE is even going to remember whether the envelope was handwritten or typed on a label

  6. iloveweddings says:

    Hi. Handwritten is always the best. Typed is too business like, and labels are tacky.

  7. lyndlyn says:

    Labels are not tacky – just because someone didn’t handwrite them doesn’t mean that they are not personal… some one had to type them by hand… for the ones who think they are tacky… does that mean that printed invitations are tacky too??? Please!! No one really cares what the outside looks like as long as it is presentable and clean – its what is on the inside that counts!!

  8. sden2616 says:

    Think back for a minute. Have you ever been to a bridal shower or bachlorette party. How were the envelopes were hand written and how many had a label. Can’t remember huh. I have been to hundreds of bridal showers and bachlorette parties and cannot remember anything about the envelope. Do which ever is easier for you. No one is going to remember the envelope. Just make sure to make the parties fun, that’s all anyone will remember

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