Bridal Shower Ideas?! Please Help!?

January 12th, 2011

I asked this question yesterday, and apparently no body knew what I was really asking for.;_ylt=Aj755tl13OZ_cMFvXW2fh0gazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100131174218AAfWXEB

anyway, to be more specific.
1. This is a BRIDAL shower, not a baby shower.

2. yes, i am 14 and the m.o.h. is 17, but we both would like to pursue to career of event planning (more specifically weddings), so we know a lot of how to do, just not what

3. We both know how to do things like make food (we dont need our mom’s to help us with that, other than ideas on what to make), decorate, reserve a room if needed be.

4. We will probably be having it at my aunt’s house, or my grandmas depending on how many people are on the final guest list.

5.Please I need ideas on WHAT to serve not how to serve it, what kind of games, how long before the wedding (the bride lives in a Virginia, i live in Oklahoma, the m.o.h. lives in Texas (where the wedding will be), and the other 2 bridesmaids live in Michigan, so I think we are all heading back to Texas sometime in early may (except me, i am coming down mid-may) anyway would 2 weeks before be too early?

Please help, and remember, i know hot to do things so you don’t need to tell me things like, well you need to send out invitations, because i am not an idiot and i know things like that.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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  1. Nehru says:

    You already know how to manage an event. The bridal thing is nothing compared to arranging conferences etc. Please use your ingenuity and go ahead . Everything will follow.

  2. Mrs♥B says:

    Serve finger sandwiches, keep the menu light, maybe some salad, fruit salad, chips. Keep it fairly casual, those are always the best showers, I hate when they are all stuffy and formal. Have some cake or cupcakes too.

    Keep the games to a minimum. Not many people actually like them, so have no more than 2 or 3 games. I knwo it sounds cheesy, but the best game that gets everyone laughing is the toilet paper wedding dress game. You split everyone into teams, and each team appoints a model, then they build a wedding dress using only toilet paper, tape, and ribbon. It’s always funny.

    Another game you can play is “get to the church on time.” You print out a series of reasons why the bride doesn’t get to the church on time (dress got caught in the limo and it ripped off, etc.) make them funny reasons. Make sure one says she got to the church and married the man of her dreams. Cut them out into slips of paper, pass out to the guests. Have everyone go around and say why they did or didn’t make it to the ceremony. Whoever gets to the church, wins.

    You can also do a bridal Mad Libs. Search the internet for fun ones and pass out numbers to the guests. Ask them for the word you need, and fill it in. Then have the bride read it aloud.

    2 weeks before is fine, don’t do it any closer as the bride will most likely be too busy in the days leading up to the wedding.

    Good luck and have fun!

  3. I love my love says:

    organize the other bridesmaids if there are any or other female relatives to help you pay for the shower and make the guest list. you can’t invite anyone who’s not also invited to the wedding, so you’re limited to women on the wedding guest list basically.

    you need invitations, decorations, food and a venue. most showers are held in someone’s home, like the bride’s mother, aunt, etc. you can have a potluck shower in this case where you ask some or all of the guests to bring a dish (crudite, potato salad, finger foods etc). you also need to get a cake decorated with the bride’s name probably.

    if you have a large guest list and you can’t do the shower in someone’s home, then you need to find a banquet hall you can rent tha will provide luncheon type food. the cost of this is split between the bridesmaids.

    the shower takes place 1-2 mos before the wedding. if you can’t do it until 2 weeks before the wedding because everyone is coming from out of town, that’s fine. make sure you get your invitations out at least 1 month before the shower date.

  4. jennickers says: – This is a great for bridal shower favors and decor!

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