At what point did you set your wedding date?

July 1st, 2011

I’m having a really hard time setting a date.

I have so many factors that can’t be known yet!!

– can my fiance take off work for the honeymoon? (We don’t know if he’ll still be working there when the wedding happens)
– can my parents and his parents take off work for our destination wedding? (They are our only guests)
– what if i graduate sooner than expected, but don’t plan on moving out until we’re married but the date is already set? what do i do then? wait until the date? (my online classes are at your own pace, AND we’re long distance)

I need some help. Any advice please?! How did you decide?

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  1. Ali says:

    We looked at the dates the reception venues we liked were available (often need a year’s notice here), and then the church. We looked at when overseas relatives were free to take their vacations. We wanted a summer wedding (for the overseas relatives visiting Australia!).

    The first two questions you need to ask your families and your fiance’s current work (just in case – if his job changes he should mention at interview that he needs to take a vacation on these dates). The latter you may have to make your best estimate of when you will finish and how necessary it is to be in your current location to complete the degree – will it matter where you are?).

  2. fatti says:

    We are sort of in the same predicament, in as ‘when is the right time’. I think things in life will always crop up, be it school, your job, parents being awkward, money…all the things that make being an adult a total pain in the behind lol.
    Our problem was cash, and we were worried about how much it was going to cost…same with children (which were planning) will we afford them??
    We came to the conclusion that a wedding is only as expensive as you make it, if you really want to get married you will make sure things wont get in the way.
    Same with children (to some extent)…having a baby can be as expensive or as cost effective as you make it.

    We started planning a small yet tasteful affair, and ive got the cost down considereably which was our main concern.

    Anyway, what im saying is dont let little things like holiday time from work and school get in the way. Work hard on your studies…take a few days out before the wedding and get wed! You only do it once…and MORE things will only crop up next year or the year after when your thinking of alternative dates.
    Life (work, school) doesn’t wait and give you a break to get on with things like weddings etc Just do it!!
    All the bestxxx

  3. Sara says:

    It’s a second marriage for both of us and we have teenage children, while he was still 42 we set a deadline of his 45 birthday to be married by and it’s getting nearer and nearer. We have until July of next year but we also have to consider that 1 child’s away at Uni, 2 are doing A levels 2 are doing GCSE’s and we’ve also got 2 18th a 21st 2 proms his sisters 40th birthday to fit in as well. And then when you start talking to venues this place has only got then and this can only do then and the third one couldn’t do anything at all. We think we’ve finally picked a date to suit but since we’ve decided to go for mid week (it’s only a 3 day working week though) and not bother with a honeymoon till later I think we’ll be ok. (fingers crossed) It’s a nightmare so just go with what your instincts say is right for you and everyone else will work to it. Good luck

  4. Ahyoka says:

    We kept it simple. We looked at honeymoon destinations and found out when was the cheapest fortnight (two weeks) and booked around that. I was finishing work anyway and my husband could book that time because it was the weeks before a bank holiday so nobody else wanted the time off. You just have to juggle all your dates and hit one.

  5. CC 9/24/11 Bride says:

    As far as work goes, I don’t believe in setting a wedding day and honeymoon around my job. I set the date, tell my boss about it FAR in advance, ..if my boss gives me the days/weeks I need off for my wedding and honeymoon..GREAT…if not, I’ll be looking for another job. My wedding and personal life come first.

    Parents? Sit down with them with a calendar and discuss this. If this wedding is very important to them, they’ll come no matter what.

    Graduation? If you graduation before the wedding…just keep living with your parents until your wedding date. When married, move with your husband.

    FOR US– we knew we wanted to marry in either autumn or spring. We choose May 2012 because it gave lots of time to plan. Then we moved it to Sept 2011..because we realized we didn’t want to wait that long. We want to get married…and we will marry…our jobs, bosses, family, friends can jump on board..or not. We’re still gonna get married.

    Sept 24, 2011 is our date.

  6. Because I Said So says:

    I set my date 3 weeks after we got engaged. We immediately made our guest list and started looking at venues. My parents hosted the wedding so the budget was all set from the get go.

    We based our decision on the fact the venue wasn’t available all summer, until Labor Day. We booked the earliest possible date in Sept so it wouldn’t be too cold (it was freezing and windy anyway).

    Since your guest list is so small, you basically just have to check with the 4 parents and confirm what a good time of year would be for everyone to travel. Then you and your fiance can look at venues you like and see what dates are available.

    The honeymoon doesn’t need to be immediately after the wedding. I know very few people who do that anymore. Especially in your case since you’re bringing your parents along to the wedding, you don’t want them around the resort while you’re honeymooning! So you should probably all travel home and then you and your husband can make honeymoon plans a few months later.

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