Asian Bride – The Queen of Hearts

May 24th, 2011

Every Asian bride is a queen for the day. She is special for the day. She is the focus point on the wedding day.Asian bridal has got nothing to do with faith on wedding celebrations. Asian bridal have no faith restrictions, no boundaries, no guidelines. They are free from all of this. When a bride chooses her wedding dress, regardless of the faith, she is free to choose the dress from anywhere she likes.Many shops in Britain have seen Hindus buying gold for the bride, and in the same shops, Muslim brides are buying shoes, make up, mehdi and hair design. Almost everything is similar or even identical.Asian weddings have changed now, because the bride will choose the dress herself, will hire the venue, hire the car and choose the gold jewelery and make up. In fact the bride will choose almost everything, including the groom.

The days are long gone when parents had much control in weddings. Many Asian brides will pay the cost of the wedding too.This will not only benefit Asian brides, but it will benefit the groom, his family and his children too.It was long ago when at Asian weddings the bride would sit on a sofa corner, too shy to talk to anyone, keeping her head in a dupatta (a head covering scarf) and cry at the time of the bedaee (hand over to groom), and meeting her friends and family, hugging them full of tears. In the past the parents were more involved in choosing or selecting the groom, planning the wedding, making purchases, selecting the song, planning her entry into the venue, and then planning the honeymoon and following that… her life.But all that is history now.

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