Are silk flowers tacky for a wedding?

July 5th, 2011

I am planning my wedding for Oct. I am on a tight budget and am looking into getting silk flowers. Also my husband to-be & my 2 year old son have terrible allergies. Is it considered cheap or tacky?
Also what are some good website to take a look at?

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  1. Tara Dowdel says:

    I dont think they would be! they are beautful!

  2. Aayusha Shrestha says:

    No its not. On your wedding day pick one of the flowers and tell your husband that you will love him until that flowers die. I guess he’ll be happy..

  3. double d debbie says:

    No 🙂 I’m planning on having silk flowers 🙂
    I’m quite clumsy and I would hate to somehow crush my bouquet 🙂
    Go for it 🙂

  4. CC 9/24/11 Bride says:

    well if cost is your only thought…I’d say to go to the grocery store or dept store and buy fresh cut real flowers to use. You can buy a bundle of flowers for as low as $8 and make your own bouquet with it. You can buy more bundles..and put them on the tables in $1 vases of water. Simple and cheap.

    But since you say they have allergies…I guess fake is the way to go.

    I wouldn’t think it was tacky if I were to be at a wedding like this. But it’s not as nice as the real thing.

  5. Suz123 says:

    you write: my husband to-be & my 2 year old son have terrible allergies

    That is reason enough right there to use silks. I don’t think it is tacky at all . . . but even if others do, don’t worry about what others think of it. The health of your groom and your son takes precedence.

    Check out this site:

  6. Because I Said So says:

    I think most people prefer real over fake flowers but if it’ll save you money and keep allergies from being a factor on your wedding day, then of course you should use fake ones.

  7. Kimberly k says:

    no they are not tacky silk flowers are the most used flowers now in weddings any how!
    Some good web sites,, Good luck

  8. soon tobe mrs thomas says:

    I am getting married in two weeks and I have silk flowers and I really like them alot. They are very pretty!! You can go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and they are just fine. Just make sure that the colors you are selecting are natural colors that the real flowers bloom in. But no they are not tacky!!

  9. demi says:

    Having a people with bad allergies is a very reasonable excuse to have fake flowers. No it’s not tacky but you’ll always have people who hate it. Consider other kinds of decorations though. Silk flowers can sometimes be more expensive than real flowers.

  10. Miss Elizabeth says:

    I don’t think silk flowers are tacky at all. I used them for my wedding.
    Here’s a few pics.

  11. Brandy says:

    I hate to have the unpopular answer, but just for the sake of a well-rounded set of opinions… I do think they’re a little tacky. And so you would obviously have to assume that others will feel the same way.
    Of course, there are many who won’t feel that way at all! Plus, I think most of us realize that what we think is not important. What matters is what is perfect for your wedding day… and if budget and allergies are important, then maybe silk flowers is exactly what works for you! There are some really pretty ones.
    Someone mentioned getting cheap flowers from the supermarket… maybe there are some flowers your fiance and son are not allergic to (of course this would limit you to some extent, maybe not worth it).

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