Are people in mainland China usually virgins at marriage?

May 15th, 2011

I’m from Hong Kong so I don’t actually know how things like relationships and marriage work in mainland China. Is it common for people to remain virgins only until their wedding night? I don’t think this is common among the rich Chinese because I’ve met rich Chinese people studying abroad like the UK and I doubt they care about virginity.

But what does the normal Chinese person think? Normal Chinese person is poor… And is sex before marriage seen as bad?

5 Responses to “Are people in mainland China usually virgins at marriage?”

  1. Wuguan Buzheng says:

    they care about being virgins but the chinese are much more open now, there are lots of average girls who are not virgin before their marriage. the majority of them are conservative and think is as bad to have sex before marriage.

  2. lestermount says:

    That has changed a lot, and today many young people have pre marital sex.

  3. Obama 1 Osama 0 says:

    if they are ugly enough or young enough, then maybe.

  4. Bernd Zhang says:

    It was so in the past. But now that has changed a lot. In cities almost 90% of couples had sex before marriage. In rural areas the figure is about 50%.

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  5. liakin says:

    Do you believe it? May be you should give it a try then from you will all know the truth.

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