Any tips for a (freaking out) Maid of Honor?

October 16th, 2010

The date hasn’t been set yet. They are waiting to find out if and when the groom is getting deployed. So, the wedding plans might be rushed after they find out, and I rather have the speech ready and free my focus on other things. I’ve been looking at the duties and feeling a bit overwhelmed. But I can do this..

First of all, I am not the best public speaker-though I’d loved to be calm and collected when I’m standing in front of their family and friends, so many unfamiliar faces, I’ll probably freak out. So any tips on keeping my cool? Also, how long do these speeches usually last? I have some ideas of what I want to say, but I don’t want to be up there for too long. I also want to have time to give a lovely speech.

I’m honored that she asked me. I really am, and I want this to run smoothly and be just as special as she hoped it would. Any tips in general? Thanks.

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  1. dragonlady says:

    I would keep your speech to 2 minutes or less. You can feel calm and collected by practicing your speech beforehand. Two minutes will seem really long to you when you are giving your speech, but I think it’s appropriate.

    Don’t feel overwhelmed, just take one thing at a time and everything will work out.

  2. Messykatt says:

    This may sound like a strange piece of advice, but it’s to make you feel better! These speeches are important to about one percent of the audience, so the operative word is SHORT. Just make a basic outline of 2-3 major points and speak from the heart. My first speech as MOH was to my sister, and it was under a minute. I joked about how I, the older sister, always got to do everything first, yet she won the biggest competition of all in beating me to the altar. Then I just commented on how much I enjoyed getting to know “Jason” and how glad I was to welcome him to our family. The End.

    Also, if you’ve been reading industry lists of MOH duties, rip them up, take a deep breath, and talk to the bride 🙂 Some of that stuff reads like the job description in a coronation, and most of us – as brides or as MOH’s – never enountered the vast majority of it. The big things are to ask if she wants a bridal shower (keep it small – just closest friends and family) and/or bachelorette. Buy your dress. Show up at the rehearsal. Have fun at the reception. And just be her unofficial sounding board at all times.

  3. The Truth says:


    Well its alot easier then you think. yes theres alot of helping and planning but usually everything will fall in place. im not a public speaker either lol but you can have your speech anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minits. if your not good in public you can also write your speecha nd read it off a card. jsut tell her your honord how they make a cute couple throw in a joke and then ur done! 🙂

  4. bettyb says:

    our maid of honor and best man both came up with so cute speeches at the last minute they both didn’t realize that how to do a speech until the wedding day. here are some websites that might help

  5. YahooGirl says:

    I had to make a speech as a maid of honor & I also hate speaking in public.

    the way I dealt with it is I didnt PLAN anything. I just stood up and said to the bride “I love u. I’m happy for u. I wish u all the best. All the love, hugs, kisses & children that u can imagine. Congratulations.” & I told the groom “Treat her well. Or else.”

    Ppl tell stories, make “jokes”, talk about all kinds of things.Personally,as a guest at weddings, I always find that kind of thing very very very boring.

  6. seamstress says:

    You know what? The fact of the matter is that I have been to dozens of weddings and I can honestly say I do not remember one single speech from any bridal party member. No one ever embarrassed themselves and no one made a lasting impression either. So, you see, only you are putting the pressure on yourself, and all for what?

    Keep your speech short and if you must, write it down and read it. Believe me, not all eyes will be on you because if guests have heard one speech, they have heard them all. Please do not misunderstand me as a nay sayer for speeches because that is not my stance here. I just want you to realize you are placing so much more emphasis on this speech than you need to.

    Just say a few words on how happy you are for the couple and that you wish them well.

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