Antibiotics with oral contraceptive?? (and a wedding involved!)?

May 1st, 2011

I’m on Sprintec, an oral contraceptive, and am getting married in less than two weeks (on the 12). I’m on my period right now, and so taking no pills this week, but start up my third Sprintec pack on Sunday again.

I have had cold symptoms for the last two weeks, and it has now settled into what is likely a sinus infection. My Dr. just called in an rx for Amoxicillin for seven days for me, and I will be starting that tomorrow. I will finish it two days before the wedding, and know that you are supposed to use an alternate form of birth control with antibiotics. I was wondering if, since I will be off antibiotics for two days (an entire three, actually) before the wedding night, if it would be safe not to use an alternate form of birth control?

Basically… how long do you go before you can have unprotected sex without that added pregnancy risk again? We really do not want to use condoms, but also REALLY don’t want a baby yet. LOL.

Please help!
We WILL be having sex on our wedding night, because we have made it a priority. The wedding is early afternoon and the reception is short to accommodate sex on our wedding day. It’s going to happen, because it’s our priority as virgins. THIS is why I really want to know… because we’re having our first sex, and using a condom is less than desirable.
Drew, you are ENTIRELY out of line.

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  1. lady says:

    Check with your Doctor or pharmacist because different medications react differently……I THINK you need to use another form of contraception for at least two weeks after stopping antibiotics, but I’m not positive……I have a niece that got pregnant because of antibiotics lowering her birth control effectiveness, so it really can happen!.

  2. crazyinlove3985 says:

    well for one you probably wont have sex the night of your wedding you will be way too exhausted and as far as I know I think three days after being off of antibiotics is fine, in fact I have been on the same antibiotic before and the day after I was finished me and my boyfriend stopped using condoms, and that was 3 months ago.. so you should be okay! if ur worried just use condoms to be safe

  3. Drew says:

    Let me get this straight: you are getting maried to someone with whom you have never had sex before? Use the condom since this marriage won’t last more than a few years at most and get ready to use the morning after pill and to get an abortion when you get pregnant.

  4. Perse says:

    This is a question for your doctor. No doubt about it.

  5. almarj70 says:

    I agree with Perse, this is definitely a question for your doctor but I have an adorable nephew thanks to my sister in law having just finished a course of antibiotics whilst on the pill. I know you aren’t keen to use condoms but if you don’t want a baby just yet they are probably your best option.

  6. Anne says:

    I am sorry you are experiencing this glitch. Use an alternate form…look for something over the counter if you have to (an alternative to condoms if you don’t want to use them). There are other options. You can ask your dr. or if you are too embarassed to do that, look for FACTUAL information about other products online. If you are not ready to have a baby yet, don’t take a chance.

  7. Kelly says:

    No it wont be safe to not use an alternative form of birth control.

    Antibiotics makes the birth control non-effective you have to be off the antibiotics for a couple weeks before birth control pills become effective again. It takes a few weeks for them to become effective to start with and when you stop and restart them its the same concept.

    As for your period and tracking your ovulation dates. Assuming you have regular periods, you are most fertile 5 days a month these 5 days are 14-19 days following the first day of your period but isn’t an exact science. It could be a day before or a day after those 5 days. This is really the only way to track whether or not its safe to not use anything, also known as the “rythem method”, its very unreliable.

    Forms other than a condom (which works the best FYI) are Diaphragm & foam sponge which are often inserted wrong and can result in pregnancy.

    Your first time isn’t going to be as comfortable as you think. Most women experience pain their first time since most often their hymen isn’t broke and the muscles down there are not used to the contracting.

    As for a condom yes, its the most effective form outside of the birth control pill but it also can tear. Using a condom doesn’t make it “less desirable” there really is no difference in “feeling” with or without a condom. That is a myth. There is this too, if you’re a virgin, you wouldn’t know the difference between how it felt with or without a condom.

  8. Tizme says:

    I know WAY too many people who have gotten pregnant the first time, or when the were on antiobiotics, or when they had just stopped the pill for the first month. This does happen when you least expect it. Take precautions. If you don`t want to use condoms, get fitted for an iud, a novaring, or get the shots lined up.

  9. HIS! says:

    It’s best to ask the doctor who prescribed the Sprintec. But I really think you’re going to need alternate birth control.

  10. nova_queen_28 says:

    I agree that you ought to double check with your doctor, but IMO 3 days off antibiotics might not be enough.
    If I were in your shoes, I’d use a condom unless my doctor told me that there are no concerns after 3-days off the antibiotics.

  11. truefirstedition says:

    This is a question you absolutely need to ask your doctor.

  12. Because I Said So says:

    you should ask your Dr because different BC pills may have different effects with antibiotics. only your Dr can tell you for sure how long you should use condoms after stopping the antibiotics. of course for your first time using a condom is suboptimal so you could try to chart your cycle to see if you’ll be ovulating that night, using

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