An Arranged Marriage Ch. 26

June 24th, 2011

COMMENT GUYS i have had a shitty week and if you guys gave me some good comments i would really appreciate it!!! The next few days were good, nick and I are still in love, and planning a wedding, we managed to convince Mr and Mrs J to let us get married in April because we wanted to, and Its my birthday today. I woke up with nicks lips against mine, I kept kissing him and he pulled away. I opened my eyes to find him on top of me still. Nick- morning, birthday girl. He grinned and kissed my forehead. Shelley- morning. Nick- did I ever tell you that I loved you? I laughed Shelley- yeah, I think you mentioned it once or twice. Nick- well, lets go downstairs, mum made breakfast. I smiled and nick helped me out of bed, I put on my slippers and nick held my robe while I got into it, we walked downstairs and I was attacked by joe and frank. Joe- happy birthday Frankie- woooo, its your birthday. I laughed Shelley- thanks guys. They pulled away and Kevin hugged me, then dani, then mrs j, then mr j. We ate and then we all got dressed. Nick- PRESENTSSS He picked me up and carried me over his shoulder downstairs. We all sat down together in the living room. Mr and Mrs J gave me a voucher for shops, which was awesome, and they also have another present from everyone that I will get later. Kevin- so frank, joe and I got you a present together. I smiled. Frankie handed me a small box with a ribbon on it, his grin was huge. I opened it and it was a blue velvet jewelry box. I opened the

5 Responses to “An Arranged Marriage Ch. 26”

  1. Mmmeeee14 says:

    Lucky girl!!!

  2. MissLaughtAlot007 says:

    those jonas boyz are SO sweet… 🙂
    makes me wish i had a big brother :'(

  3. krenke015 says:

    omg, i loved it. please post more.
    😉 ♥

  4. xzsprinkleszx says:

    OMG a car that is aweome…

    POst more soon

  5. jameslafferty10 says:

    ohh nick is so sweet love it!!

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