Alright…this a confusing non-traditional marrying question that isnt about gay marriage. so help me!?

December 26th, 2010

alright so me and my girlfriend are planning to get married in july. We’re boht christian and 18 in july. we’ll i get a very large sum of money when i turn 18 (around $18000) and im using that money to pay for a full year of college so im a semester ahead and im using it to pay for our apartment and im putting usm money in a bank account for our baby as a saftey net. Anyways, on to the question, we’re getting married in the court of…umm..i forgot. i wanna say the court of peace and justice. but yeh, we’re getting married in front of a judge and well…how can i say this, i dont think ill have enough money for an engagment ring or a wedding band. so…how much does an engagment ring cost? how much does a wedding band cost? and would it be alright if i didnt get her an engagment ring? r they needed?

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  1. Pammie says:

    My husband and I lived together for years because we could not afford a wedding and ring etc. Finally we just went to the Justice of the Peace and got married. He got me a cheaper gold ring I think it was around $100. Anyway years later we are now finacially secure and our lives are much different because we have pretty much all we need. My point is I now have many valueable items that cost a fare amount of money. But my most valueable item is that ring. My husband bought it for me when we had nothing but love to live on. I would not give that ring up for anything its not the price of the ring but the love behind it.

  2. bitsy_pixie says:

    No an engagement ring is not necessary at all but she might like one. Hunt around jewlers shops for cheap ones.

    As for a wedding band yes it’s part of the ceremony where there is the giving of the rings and you will both need one. You can get a plain silver wedding band pretty cheap.

    At the end of the day it isn’t about rings it is about 2 people coming together as 1.

    All the best. Hope it works out for you both

  3. Stiffler says:

    I think you should get her an engagement ring, it doesn’t have to be expensive.
    Depending on what metal and the size of the diamond you can get an engagement ring from about $100. I would recommend you look at something around the $1000 mark give or take as you will get a decent sized diamond for that price and then after a few years you could upgrade the diamond for her when you are both in a better financial position (it is hard to use the same setting if the first diamond is just a diamond speck).
    I would suggest you look at pawn shops, ebay, antiques auction, etc for cheap engagement rings. They always have better value for money than retail.

  4. Phil F says:

    You don’t have to have any rings of any kind if you don’t want. There is no law or such requiring them.

    To qualify for marriage, all you need is a valid licence.

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