Already Over, Aerith

October 23rd, 2010

Please watch in High Quality. I haven’t been around for awhile, busy planning a wedding and finally getting around to playing crisis core! I hope you all enjoy this! I began it awhile back and finished it up today. Made with Windows Movie Maker Song: “Already Over” by Red Square Enix owns Final Fantasy and all its characters. Story of the video: Cloud, Tifa’s fiance and Zack, Aerith’s first love have been away at war. Aerith is Tifa’s little sister, and the four of them have been very close since childhood. Cloud returns home, alone. His best friend had been killed and his memory of Aerith asking him to promise to look after Zack haunts him. Tifa has been worried about Aerith. Since the men left Aerith hasn’t left the abandoned church where she and Zack first met as children. she isolates herself, tending to the flowers she and Zack used to grow and sell together, she even sleeps there. During one of Tifa’s visits to the church Cloud returns with news of Zack’s death. He is determined to watch after Aerith now, but Aerith had already been unstable and now neither he or Tifa can help Aerith in her grief. One Night Aerith disappears, Tifa asks Cloud to look for her. when he fails to find her, he calls Tifa to help him search. However, when Cloud finds her he is too late, Aerith decides with a smile to take her own life, her depression had her convinced it would bring her to Zack. Cloud and Tifa are full of pain, anger and sadness at the loss of Aerith. Cloud rushes to be

25 Responses to “Already Over, Aerith”

  1. GAMEMASTERMJ20 says:

    ahhMHMM miss yuna can u teach me how to do movie in movie maker? where did u get your videos to use plssss miss yuna teach me!! beacause i also doing movie in movie maker! but all my viedeo is ugly huhuhuhuuh!!

  2. sangoPwns says:

    how did you get the clips for the vedio?

  3. Aerith1982 says:

    I love your vid. Great work. 5 stars.

  4. otaku4ever93 says:

    wow!!!this vid is sooo great! love it.. ..

  5. Yuna1881 says:

    thank you so much <3

  6. rbdmai says:

    i love your video it is so beautiful i love aerith and zack they look so cute together your video deserves like a thousand stars and it is definantley going to my faves good job!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. CaldiChan says:

    spectacular Yuna! Faved, and 5.5!

  8. XxAquarisxX says:

    wow, this is so beautyful, I love the song and the story and the way you edited it is simply amazing. My favourite part is when Cloud enters the church and they both turn towards the door – it looks just perfect! 5 stars and fave

  9. Yuna1881 says:

    thanks! I’ll update the info once the results for the contest are posted.

  10. odinsvalkrie says:

    oh well, thnx.:)

  11. tigeressgv says:

    Very very nice. Good timing, great story, awesomesong. I wish you luck in the contest, and please, let us know how you place in the video info. I will be returning to watch your video many times, I’m sure.

  12. fire1flywings says:

    wow that was so great i loved it good luck in the contest u did a great and wonderful job

  13. Yuna1881 says:

    thanks! yeah crisis core is only on the psp.

  14. odinsvalkrie says:

    this video was brilliant! not sure if i spelt that right though, lol.
    any way i wanted to ask if crisis core was only on psp, so yea.
    umm great video if the competition hasn’t finished yet then i hope you win. 🙂

  15. Yuna1881 says:

    <3 thanks!

  16. Yuna1881 says:

    thank you <3

  17. Yuna1881 says:

    I <3 this song too I'm glad I finally got an idea for it!

  18. Yuna1881 says:

    thank you so much!

  19. KinaruShinigami says:

    DAMN! You made me cry!!! ;; That is so true, and the storyline is perfect! Oh my gosh, You really hit my soft spot… I tihnk you’re going to win if you can make me cry x3

  20. glittertesupper says:

    I Love this song!!!!great job!!!^^

  21. deathXangelXlucy says:

    that was amazing!!!!!!

  22. Yuna1881 says:

    thank you so much!

  23. glittertesupper says:

    The info is great i love final fantasy!!!!
    from my get you a 5 your the best go on!!!

  24. tbone0702 says:

    really good job

  25. Krestals says:

    That was brilliant! You have covered one of the deepest meanings of life through this video. This is just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for participating. I hope you had fun making this video. Also, I have added up your score. When the contest ends and the results are posted, you may message me asking what your score is. I will gladly give it to you. ;D

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