A very generous man offers you a blank check for your wedding? ?

March 7th, 2011

Ok, I’m all about these creative questions lately. So, for a little fun, here’s another one.

Say a very generous man stops you on the street and offered to write you a check for your wedding expenses. This man was not going to take no for an answer. So, you have no choice. However, he has the following rules:

1) The money must be used for wedding expenses. So, no saving it for a house or anything else. If you don’t use it on the wedding, it gets taken back.
2) The wedding most be within reason for your personality. So, say you’re always dreamed about having a $30,000 wedding, but in reality you’re having a $5,000 wedding. Don’t ask for $100,000, because then you’re just being too greedy (and this man’s being generous)

With those rules, how much would you ask for? Why that amount and how would having this “blank check” change your original wedding plans?

Have fun!
Come on! Have fun with this! How much money would it take to make your wedding more perfect than it already is?

16 Responses to “A very generous man offers you a blank check for your wedding? ?”

  1. FireRed says:

    Greed is a myth.
    Ask him how much he has.

    It his fault for giving you a blank check… >_<

  2. Loves Christmas Lights says:

    I dont trust anyone to do that in reality for fun, Id make it a hundred dollars and buy more flowers.

  3. OMG I got my dress says:

    I would make it for $20,000. Right now the wedding of my dreams is totaling up to be under $5,000…we got an awesome bargain on our venue and the services, so i can’t imagine what i could do with $15000 extra, i probably wouldn’t know what to do with it! lol cool question, random but cool!

  4. indifferent says:

    My dream wedding would be a small one, so I wouldn’t have a problem with the money. I mean, if he were to offer me a blank check, I wouldn’t go as high as most would.

    If a $30 000 wedding is my dream, then I would probably ask for that much. I might change the quality of some things but as long as I’m with the man I love, and I share the day with others that I love, I don’t think any amount of money can make me happier than that.

  5. <3 MuNcHy <3 says:

    I’m not engaged, but just for fun I’ll answer!

    If he is not asking to pay for the entire wedding then just something simple like $50 for my dress but if he is asking to pay for the entire wedding roughly $3000 as that would be all I am willing to spend on a wedding/honeymoon!

  6. Gambit! says:

    I would say $500.00 but only if he would be willing to come to the wedding…. I would spend it on table decorations or soemthing guyish that I could tolerate keeping and using in my house on display or something…. But then again I would prefer simple and pry just elope and screw all that extra fancy wedding stuff…

  7. b2b 5-2-10 says:

    well there may be a rule against saving but if i don’t have to pay for my wedding i’m automatically saving $
    i would definitely spend a couple extra dollars on flowers and the gifts for the parents and wedding party
    i’d probably get a babysitter too
    right now it’s costing about 20 thousand so we’d ask for that and pay for the extras ourselves

  8. Stacy C says:

    This one is fun! I’m not engaged, but I’m storing ideas in my head. My boyfriend and I would like to get married in Tahoe. In my mind I’m going to budget $10,000 for our wedding. I plan on paying for it ourselves so our parents can’t stick their noses in the planning process. It’ll take a few years to save, but if we spend well we can do it without going too over budget.

    So if this generous man wanted to help out I guess I’d ask for $15-20,000 so I can pay for all my guests to stay in hotels for the weekend of our wedding, as well as have the simple wedding ceremony and reception we’d like to have with the lake back dropping it, and to have a larger photo package.

    Tahoe isn’t going to be too bad of a struggle for our guests who really want to come to go (it’s a 7ish hour drive from where we all live, a long one, but doable), but I’d love to be able to treat them to their hotels.

  9. holden_chicky88 says:

    I would never take a strangers money so I’d give the cheque back. I like the fulfillment and satisfaction of the accomplishment I receive when I have made an achievement on our/my own. 🙂

  10. Traci393 says:


    My parents are giving is money, what we don’t use is ours, most likely for a house.

    So this isn’t too far fetched for me.

    I was hoping to budget the wedding around 5k, but now that I’m looking into things and price shopping, it looks more like 6k. I would ask for 7k knowing that there are going to expenses that will pop up later. 7k would be close, and if I’m under its not like I’ll miss what I’m losing. It wasn’t mine in the first place, And, if its not enough, well, the difference wouldn’t be unbearable.

  11. No Name Needed. says:

    If a generous man offered me a blank check, I would write the check for $3500. I would have taken the money, and had a very beautiful wedding on the beach, at sunset, in June in the town of Santa Barbara, CA. With just him and me with two witnesses. Then I would have rented a car, and driven up pacific coast highway to a very lovely 3 star Bed and Breakfast that I have stayed at before. I would have ordered room service, and not gotten out of bed until noon.

  12. SquiggleJay says:

    $50,000. My dream wedding would be on a cliff overlooking the ocean under a full moon in Mexico. My family would have to be there, and so would my fiance’s. Then we’d come back to Indiana and have a huge reception for our extended family and friends, and actually get to invite all the people we want to instead of having to cut the list to just family and very close friends. i could have the amazing martini luge ice sculpture thing I want. We could afford to have real plates and silverware instead of plastic. lol

    Okay, now I’m sad. lol

  13. Mrs Noel ♥6/19/2010♥ says:

    Total wedding expenses, I’d say 10K. My mom is giving us 5K, but we’re paying for honeymoon, liquor, and all of the guys’ formal wear our selves, so the extra 5K would cover that.

  14. B2B*8-28-20210* says:

    I would ask for $20,000. Which is what my wedding is costing. I would use the money I have saved already for my wedding, towards buying a house. But I agree the man would have to come to my wedding, and I would say a special something so everyone knew how generous he was!

    Cool question!

  15. Mandy ♥ *o/* says:

    My wedding plan is for around £7000.

    I think I would go up a little bit and ask for £3000 to make my budget £10,000. I am not trying to be greedy, I would just go up because my current budget is my fiance and I being careful and getting things cheap!

    Also, it would mean that I could invite my cousins from America (whom I have just met and started to get to know) and I could help pay to fly them over!

  16. NaughtyAngel B2B♥4/17♥ says:

    I’m going to assume that Rule # 1 includes a honeymoon, so we would spend $20K on an around the world honeymoon to at least 5 countries for a month.
    I would want $50,000 total. Our wedding is April 17th and we are spending about $30,000 on about 80 people, which includes a $10,000 honeymoon. We’re having pretty much everything we want, so to make my dreams come true just a little bit more I would want to splurge on a truly amazing venue, great all-around lighting, decor (such as drapery), and more flowers. I think we would get more expensive wedding bands too, mine with more diamonds and his in platinum instead of white gold. We had to cut back on those expenses since they really add up quick!

    Great question! =)

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