A Special Compilation of Ruby Wedding Gifts for Couples

May 29th, 2011

Out of the special occasions that counts importance in an individual’s life is marriage. It’s one of those lovely occasions where two individuals promise to serve each other with love care and trust for the entire lifetime. However, everything turns special in case of a 40th or Ruby wedding anniversary. It can be called the second milestone anniversary after the silver one. Since Ruby symbolizes love and passion, you should always be thoughtful while choosing ruby wedding gifts.

A 40th wedding anniversary marks the successful journey the couples have covered all these years. The very occasion reveals the purity of love between two human beings. So, here are some rocking ideas on ruby wedding gifts that can help you save time from running all the way to the gift shops:

  • a. What about the idea of forty red roses stacked artistically in a vase? Indeed, it’s one of the beautiful ruby wedding gifts. In fact, you can go online and order some Swarovski roses for the sweet recipient. Try to get a crystal vase for the roses.
  • b. Try to go according to the theme. What’s best about ruby is that its theme is applicable for traditional and contemporary gifts list as well. Moreover, the color of ruby is itself so dominating that you can use apply it in one of the presents. For instance, an attractive ruby outfit ornamented with ruby and diamond jewelry can be one of the surprising ruby wedding gifts. It’s going to be a greatest gift for the bride. A ruby colored wine bottle can also be a good option.
  • c. If you are planning to give something traditional, go for Nasturtium. It’s the name of the traditional flower exclusively meant for the Ruby anniversary couples. Take a ruby colored vase, stack a bunch of roses and insert the nasturtium in between. It can be of the most memorable ruby wedding gifts.
  • d. The replica of the cake that was introduced on the very day of the couple’s wedding can be one of the thoughtful ruby wedding gifts. You can even download some popular songs of the year they got married and compile them in a CD. Simply wrap up the CD in a ruby colored gift paper.
  • e. If you are desirous to surprise your guests, you can go with the ruby red theme. A red table cloth, a red colored wine, red streamers and a red outfit altogether can certainly stun the bride. It can be indeed one of the most amazing Ruby wedding gifts.
  • f. The idea of Ruby jewelry certainly scores high. Be it a single diamond stone set or a slim ruby wristlet, these are perfect ruby wedding gifts.

On the other hand, if it seems tougher to choose among the ideal parent wedding gifts, go for something that can help them in the near future. Remember, the more useful the gift, the high chances you have to impress your parents. Some useful items like tea box, mugs, apron kit, lighter and photo frames make great parent wedding gifts.

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