2011 Lingerie & Bodystockings That Will Make All Women Feel Beautiful

May 22nd, 2011

Around two hundred years ago the French word linge was taken up to cover a certain type of ladies underwear that were viewed to be a little risque and lingerie was deemed an item not quite what a lady would wear. But the intrigue and fact that it was not considered suitable only added to its charm and it has since then carried an air of naughtiness with it which is why woman always feel wonderfully sexy when wearing pretty underwear. Looking through what 2011 lingerie & bodystockings are offering and seeing how good they look will tempt the most frugal person to splurge on these bits of lace.
The freedom that women achieved when they were eventually allowed to vote had far reaching consequences that reached out into their education possibilities, home life and believe it or not their underwear drawer. From heavy coarse fabrics to silks, lace and nylons they embraced their lack of restrictions with glee and donned light comfortable alternatives too pretty to resist.
The layers of petticoats and stiff whalebone corsetry were discarded without regret and replaced by feminine laces and ribbons and free moving garments that excited not only the women but their men as well.
Who and when it was that originally designed the first undergarments is not clear and it has been lost in time. There is however documented evidence that shows rich Egyptian women from three thousand BC sporting what looks like an undergarments and since then styles and fashions have created various garments that have often tended to resurface centuries later slightly altered and modified.
The last twenty years have brought about phenomenal changes in this area of clothing with the wonder bra being the most life changing for many ladies. It created cleavages and reshaped bodies to an amazing degree and together with other technological improvements they have changed underwear styles and fashion forever. There are still many women who are wearing incorrect bra sizes and to achieve a beautiful outline a person may want to double check on one’s size.
The arrival of improved body stockings has created an unprecedented public demand for more designs and novelties. Most lingerie and clothing stores stock these in various styles and the internet offers numerous websites that carry all the relevant information and are easy to order from.
Basically available in opaque, fishnet and lace with various additions, trims and cutouts these full body stockings are close fitting and therefore give one a wonderful body outline and are extremely comfortable to wear. An added bonus is that by wearing one under other winter clothing in cold weather will give a person extra heat and keep one warm.
No woman can resist glamorous underwear and matching sets are just divine. Camisoles and teddies, lacy petticoats they all make the wearer feel like a million dollars and do great things for self-esteem. 2011 lingerie & bodystockings are filled with designs and patterns of exclusive underwear that will not only look good but feel extremely good as well.

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