2 Wedding ceremonies… making the difference?

June 1st, 2011

We are getting married in Europe and here only the civil or “paperwork” marriage is valid. That will be held end of this month but we plan on having a big church wedding in April. So basically we are having 2 weddings just a few months apart.

Any ideas on how to make the civil service look like a wedding without overdoing it – we dont want people to have Deja Vu next year but we still would like it to nice since thats when we officially become husband and wife.

Also what kind of outfit would you wear to the civil service? I dont want to wear my gown twice but everyday clothes seems a little tacky to me… any suggestions?
We live in europe, we arent just going there for our wedding… so the reason why we are having 2 weddings is because our friends and family back home cant afford it nor take leave to come over just yet so since we need to have 2 ceremonies anyway we are going ahead with the civil stuff and keeping the “nice” wedding to include everyone.

Also where we live, the civil service must be done at the Kommune. They wont preform it anywhere else like in the states.

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  1. gileswench says:

    The civil service may be held anywhere you can convince the officient to come to you, so while it can be held in a courthouse or JP’s office, it can also be held somewhere a bit more festive and/or personal. Consider your home or that of a good friend or relative, an art gallery (some will do private functions), a winery or B&B, or an historic house in your area.

    Wear a pretty dress, carry a small bouquet of flowers, and have a little party after the ceremony. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but festive is good.

    Then have your grand church blessing in April.

  2. Kitty says:

    I agree with the previous answer – for the civil ceremony, you can pick a location that is fun or special, and have an informal get-together after the ceremony. Wear nice clothes – slacks and a shirt for him, a dress, a skirt and a blouse or a pantsuit for you. The dress code can be “business casual”.

    A friend of mine (who is Russian Orthodox) got married in a civil ceremony in the US – just the two of them, but she wore a fancy wedding dress. A few years later, they had a wedding ceremony in a Russian orthodox church in Moscow, and she wore a more modest wedding dress.

  3. Mrs. Nolan says:

    i wouldnt. i would love to have a wedding in England. My husband is from Lopndon and none of his family was able to make it *sad* i really wanted them to but i would love to have another in London.

    your question. just have a normal wedding OR since you already had a wedding you can just have a nice reception, and at the reception show a slideshow video of your europe wedding.

    Good luck

  4. Avis B says:

    Your two ceremonies should be exactly the opposite of each other . . if possible the vows should be different . . your wedding attire you be different . . your bouquet should be different . . . . the time of your ceremony should be different . . and the menu or meal should be different.

    For your civil ceremony . .

    The Bride should wear a simple cream colored “short” gown or a pastel “fancy” dress . . and the Groom should wear a dark suit. Consider wearing a flower in your hair or some pretty hair clips (and those hairclips can be your “something old” at the other ceremony).

    The Bride’s bouquet can be something as simple as a single rose or a small cluster or roses or daises or mums with a long, flowing ribbon to coordinate with her dress.

    If you are given the opportunity write your own vows or a love letter and then read it to each other at the end of the ceremony. Always touching, always memorable.

    Get married in the morning and then have a “wedding breakfast or brunch” instead of a dinner.

    Answered by: A Certified wedding specialist / A Professional bridal consultant / A Wedding ceremony officiant

  5. bountifiles says:

    Maybe you can just mention that you love all of your guests so much that you have decided to have two ceremonies rather than leave a single one of them out.

    Also I wouldn’t worry about anyone finding our happiness redundant. Two opportunities to see you radiantly beautiful and beaming with joy will sound absolutely delightful to those who love you!

  6. LoveWithNoBoundaries says:

    I would go with a simple yet elegant or slightly dressy dress for the civil ceremony, that isn’t your wedding dress, but still makes you feel special. Save your wedding dress for the formal ceremony. Best wishes!

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