13 and 15 year old engaged?

May 14th, 2011

okay, now before i go on, i wanted to say that this question is very serious, so please, im begging you, just give me serious answers, please don’t call me a slut, whore, golddigger, whatever, because i really wanna figure this out. ok, so im 13 and my boyfriend is 15. we’ve been going out for years now, and we love eachother alot. one day, we were hanging out at the mall, and while we were walking, he got down on one knee in front of me. i was really shocked and couldnt think. he opened a little box and there was a platinum diamond ring! he said, “baby, will you marry me?” like i said, i couldnt think, but i still had enough sense to say yes. i know that sounded weird, but if i said no, i would lose the chance of a lifetime. he was the most amazing guy ever. he’s a guy that other women wish they had. he’s really sweet, and funny, he’s never been mad at me, we’ve never fought, and he protects me ALOT. so, im engaged to him now, and we both decided that we can get married as soon as im of the age to. so in 3 years, when im 16, we’ll go to the Children’s Orphans Court, and try to get permission to get married. if so, then we’ll get married and move in a house together. this sounds really weird for a 13 year old to be saying, but we’re both really mentally mature. so we’re just planning ahead. okay, i’ve told you everything, so can you guys give me some tips and tricks and stuff on how we should make the engagement, wedding, etc. go or whatever??? lol idk how to exactly word it but i hope you know what i mean. oh yea, and we’re both getting good jobs. he’s going into the welding business, and im going into the waitress business in a really good restaurant. (don’t be fooled, waitresses in good restaurants get paid alot!) so, help me guys!!!
i dont understand why some of you cant just answer my question like some of these people. for some of u who keep saying im 13 and too young to get married, IM NOT GETTING MARRIED AT 13!!! IM GETTING MARRIED AT 16!! jeez. and he already works in a welding company and earns over 1000 dollars a week, so i think in 3 years, he’d have enough for all of this. now, please, just answer my question. god.

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  1. john d says:

    will you can’t without your parents permission. but otherwise go for it

  2. Sammi111 says:

    id just like to say that i was 14 when i got engaged to my 18 year old boyfriend
    pregnant when i was 15
    married when i was 16 and gave birth at 16
    my hubby and i are buying a house next year when im 18
    so i didnt do too badly for myself. basically go with your instincts, you’ll know whats right
    i wish you all the look in the world and i hope it goes ok for you
    (im a waitress and i earn 900 a month…not bad money at all!)

  3. West says:


    Well, to the point – I am 16 now. And I think that it is too early to get married. There’s a lot to do in life – wait till you’re 30 to get married…

  4. Travis D says:

    My first instinct is that your too young, but if you are planning to wait a few years and your still together at that time I say go for it. My parents got married when they were only 17 and are still together. I would hold off on the kids until your in your 20’s though.

  5. kanaiyalal p says:

    If bothof u care for each other hang on till your country’s marriage age permits you, then get married. Best of luck for joyful life. Are u physically fit to marry, think of that also. if you marry at this tender age, youwill have child also at early age.

  6. ivampire says:

    i think it’s pretty normal for a 13 and 15 years old to engaged..
    in my country..
    it happen a lot..
    only in a few places though..

    many people married when they were 12 or 14..
    even a middle age man married a 12 years old girl and he’s going to marry another girl (7 years old!!) while his already have a 23 years old wife.. <

  7. chebrew2000 says:

    Waitresses in good restaurants have many years of experience. Nobody is going to hire your “husband” at such a young age and no experience. Neither of you has a clue how the real world works. You’re believing in a fairy tale life and the in the real world you don’t just “get a house”, get good paying jobs (especially in this economy) because you’re in love. You can’t live on love. Both of you need to stay in school, graduate and see what’s what after 5 years. You’ll grow up in that time hopefully and understand life a little better.

  8. Aaron F says:

    First, if he’s never been mad at you and you’ve never fought, then you are definitely not ready to get married. If you htink it’s always gonna be like that, you are sadly mistaken.
    Second, I am willing to assume that you’re both mature for your age, but you are still young. I know you think that you’ll make it on a welder’s and waitress’s salary, but that ain’t gonna happen either. I know this from experience.
    Third, what’s the rush? I’m not gonna say that you shouldn’t get married, but you really ought to wait a few years… finish school. Have a chance to build a life together. Life looks alot different from 23 as opposed to 13. If this guy really wants to marry you, he will be willing to wait a few more years. If not, then you can do better.
    Bottom line, there is no erason not to get married later, but there are plenty of reasons not to get married until you are both older and have some more life experience.

  9. mv says:

    Well, hold on! just slow down a bit. Now, i believe that it is possible for two people at a very young age to fall in love. However, marriage is more than just being in love. You have to have a partnership. You have to understand one another emotionally and be stable yourself because there are times where you may have to be the strong one. Before you run off to get married you should really think it through. Finish school! Yeah, waitressing could pay somewhat okay, but what happens when you need to pay taxes, house insurance, car insurance, keep up for the house, electrical bills, sewer bills, water bills, phone and tv service. the list is endless. What happens if you get pregnant? You need to think this through logically, maturely. If i were you i would go to college, save my money, and get a decent job before i married anybody. this way you can have a better wedding, i bigger house, and you can support yourself. now you also have enough to afford the extra pleasures in life. you can stay engaged, just be patient!! you will regret it if you don’t! Your fiance should finish school too! remember you are only 13! three years ago you were 10!! you have your whole life in front of you! you can only go forward and up from here! once you lose your time its gone and never coming back! i just hope you don’t wake up one morning and ask yourself what happened to your life and ambitions. stay together, but finish college (even if you just get your associates degree = 2 yrs) Be smart!! Talk to Parents! Good Luck!

  10. Gary B says:

    You’re right. At this time neither of you can do ANYTHING about it. you’re both too young, and need your parents permission.

    In three years, he will be legal but you will still be a minor. So your first step is to apply for EMANCIPATED MINOR status.

    To do this you appear before the court and ask the court to declare you an adult, under your own control and will, and NOT that of your parents.

    In order for the court to grant this, they will need to know several things:

    1) What is your plan to continue your education, at least up to graduating high school? Will you graduate, or will you work towards a GED? If you do the GED, how long will it take you to get it?

    To NOT continue your education is not an option for the court. if you plan to drop out of school, the court will NOT grant yuor emancipation.

    2) How do you intend to support yourself? You will need a steady job with a good income — NOT part time at McDonalds.

    3) How do you intend to transport yourself to and from your job? You either need to live close to a bus line, or own a car. At that time, do you have a driver’s license?

    4) Where will you live? You will need a permanent address of your own. Being declared emancipated means that you cannot live with his or your parents or siblings.

    5) Who is your docter, and what does he/she think of this? You will need to show that you have a regular doctor so that you can stay healthy, and help when you have children.

    6) Do your parents object?

    IF you can satisfy the judge on these 6 points, then the judge will declare you an emancipated minor, and you will have all rhe rights and privledges of an adult, including getting married, but except those otherwise made illegal because of age, like smoking or drinking.

    I would add my own personl 7th Point: What’s going to happen to you when you get divorced?

    There are MANY signs of a pending divorce:
    1) Married too young. The younger you are, the more likely it is that you will get divorced.
    2) Lack of education. The less education you have, the more likely it is that you will get divorced.
    3) Poor income. The lower your income, the more likely it is that you will get divorced. Higher incomes come from more schooling . . . .
    4) Having children too young. The younger you are when your first child is born, the more likely it is that you will get divorced.
    5) Smoking and alocholo. If either or both of the couple smokes or uses alcohol, it is more likely that they will get divorced.
    6) Drug Use. Any illegal drug use means an almost certain divorce.

    Now, if you get divorced, consider this:
    1) Divorced women are four times more likely to live in poverty than divorced men.
    2) Children of divorced parents or 6 times more likely to be juvenile delinquents, 4 times more likely to commit suicide, average 1.5 letter grades lower in school, are 5 times more likely to drop out of school, and are 7 time more likely to end up in prison!

    So consider your chances of staying maried, and then think about what happens to your children when you get divorced.

    Your best bet is to stay in school, go to college if possible, THEN get married.

    if you two are truly in love, you will wait for each other, because you don’t want each other to be harmed.

  11. u_s_s_enterprise says:

    Well, first – congrats!

    Second – while i think that 16 is very young to get married, you know yourself best.

    One thing i really would advise is to finish school (both of you) first, before starting on children of your own.
    Considering the state the world is in, having some grades will help you secure jobs. Which is in the best interest of you
    and your future children.

    Anyways, enough of the sermon 🙂

    An engagement party might not be a good idea. Due to your ages, i think that you will get a lot of opposition from people
    around you. “But you are only 13” will be the mildest protest you can think of.
    Why not celebrate this just between the two of you? A drink, a movie – no hassle.
    As to the wedding, how large do you want it to be? You could just do it with one or two best friends each, or with family, remote family and ‘everyone-you-know’.
    As you`re early – there is plenty of time to discuss what YOU GUYS want – for make that your number one priority – the wedding day – if you are 16, 26, or 66 – will be YOUR day.

    So, decide whether you want it large or small.
    Decide where you want it to be held? In a church ? City Hall ? Outside in a park on a sunny day ?
    Then – start saving. You`ll want a nice dress, he might enjoy a suit (unless you decide on a scuba diving wedding of course) and a party all costs money. (There you have another reason to maybe wait a bit longer – anyone under 18 doesn`t get paid a lot)
    Then – do you want to have a honeymoon holiday? Decide where, how long – and save for that as well.

    As to work – anyone can be a waitress, but not everyone will be a good one. So make sure you become a good one:)
    Welding is a decent job (hot though) and will indeed pay well if he is good. So, for him as well – make sure you`ll be the best you can, and then improve on yourself.

    So, all that is left is to wish you a lot of wisdom and strenght (to handle the criticism), and that you may have many happy and blessed years together.

    Invite me to the wedding?

  12. Heidi_sue says:

    If your still together in 3 years then it was meant to be. Now if you were asking this question and you turned 16 in 2 weeks my answer may be different. But if you are still dating when you turn 16, go for it. If I was you I would try to get a job now and save money.
    Believe me I think 16 is too young. I am 21 and my boyfriend and I plan to get enagaged and married within the nect 2 years after we are both out of college but its not like you are going to the courthouse tomorrow or anything. A lot… And I mean A LOT will change within the next 3 years. You are both still teenagers but If you are meant to be together then it will happen.

    Good Luck! I hope everything works out for you both!

  13. nelly01756 says:

    Okay you need to slow downnn. This whole thing sounds silly to me. I myself am getting married young to a military man (I will be just barely 19 when we get married, and he will be 20.5). But you’re 13 years old! Your brain hasn’t even gone through it’s natural developmental changes yet! (by the way the first one occurs around age 15) and you will change so much. Just because you’re mature doesn’t mean anything. You can’t even get a job yet, not for 3 more years, so saving isn’t gonna be happening. And when you turn 16, you can’t just “get a good waitressing job” because i’ve worked in a resturant before, and to be a waitress you must be 18 (because you have to serve alcohol)! And when you’re 16, all you get are the sucky McDonalds jobs!
    FINISH HIGH SCHOOL AT LEAST. Seriously, you won’t go anywhere without at least a GED. You seem to think everything will just fall into place, but it’s not. I’m getting married in March/April 2009 and I am in college taking 18 credit hours right now and work about 40 hours a week to save up for furniture for our house (that we don’t have to pay for since he’s in the army, so we’re lucky there).

    In real life, things don’t just ‘happen’ the way you plan them to. To you, life is so simple and easy, but that’s only because mommy and daddy pay for everything and they don’t sit you down and show you alllllll the bills and tell you to get a crummy job and pay for some of them. If they did, you would know how silly this all is. Fine, if you want to be engaged go ahead. But don’t get married until you actually MATURE. Sure, you may think you’re mature for your age, but you are FAR FAR FAR from being mature enough to marry.

  14. Heather says:

    Do you live in the U.S.? If so, you cannot get married at 16 unless you have parental consent. Even if you get emancipated, your parents still have to sign for you to get married (most people don’t realize that). You will need to wait until you are 18 before you can get married.

    Anyway, at 13 and 15, you two are still babies! I know you don’t think so but when I look back to myself and my friends at 13 and 15, well we are completely different people now (I’m 23). You need to graduate high school, go to college, start your jobs and then worry about getting married.

    Oh, and waitresses in “good” restaurants only make a decent amount of money if they have years of experience. And to the person who said she makes $900/month waitressing…that’s not “decent” money. That puts you below the poverty line.

    You need to grow up a lot before you will be ready to make this kind of life-altering decision.

  15. Josh's Muffin says:

    Honey… don’t do it. If he IS indeed the man for you, you can both stand to wait a few years and get to know each other better. If you were both as mature as you think you are, you would not be getting engaged at this point. Also, never having a fight is not a good thing. If you’ve never fought, then one of you is not showing their true colors, or you have not been together long enough for something to come up. Either way, you’re not ready to get engaged or married in three years. Give it some time, ok? Not saying you should break up with him or anything, but don’t promise yourself to someone when you’ve only been alive for a little over 10 years. There is so much more to the world… experience it!

  16. Stiffler says:

    See how long that lasts.
    Glad to hear you have high aspirations for your career as well.

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