$1,000 wedding reception?

May 14th, 2011

I am helping my cousin to plan her wedding reception on a $1,000 budget. It’s going to start later in the evening so that we don’t have to worry about serving dinner. We’re having the reception at the local nature center and it costs $250.00 for 8 hours. Instead of having a full dinner we will be serving a variety of Hor’devours and having a cake. What are some Hor’devours that I can serve to about 100 people and stay under my budget?


p.s. We want there to be enough left over for a dj also if that’s possible. Thanks again

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  1. Mrs.S says:

    My wedding reception was also only for about 100 people. We served an appetizer menu. Since my aunts took care of preparing the food, we were able to get lots of different things. We found everything inexpensively at BJ’s/Sam’s Club.

    We had things like: mini crab quiches, cheese quiches, fried ravioli, chicken bites (different flavors), pigs in a blanket, potato puffs, meatballs (different flavors) and even pizza rolls. I was a bit skeptical about serving pizza rolls at the reception, but the kids who attended LOVED them! We also served salad and rice as side dishes.

    It will take some looking around, but you can definitely have a great reception for 100 people under $1,000. You’ve already gotten a great deal on the venue. Good luck and congratulations to your cousin!

  2. Lima beans are gross. says:

    Wow. That’s really cheap. Stick with crackers and cheese in a can.

  3. basketcase88 says:

    So, you’ve got $750 to spend on food for 100 people. It’s extremely doable, if you DIY. Hit Costco and/or Sam’s Club. I’d keep it to cake only, and do the sheet cakes from Costco. If you add in the hor’duerves, I don’t think you’ll have enough for a dj. Questionable if you will anyway, I doubt you can do it for under $5 a person, and you’ll probably spend the full $7.50 a person you’ve got left. Sams and Costco do have great options for appetizers though. I’d put together a good playlist on an ipod, and let that be your DJ.

    Realize that any good party starts with the food. You can have borderline entertainment, questionable decor, but if the food’s bad (or not enough of it) then the party’s a bust.

    Good luck!

  4. lady says:

    Fresh Fruit Tray
    Cheese and Cracker Tray
    Veggie Tray
    Chips and Salsa
    Cold Meat Tray (like ham, turkey, salami)
    Assorted Breads
    Mini quiche’s
    Chicken Wings

    If you cut up the cheese, fruit, veggies, etc yourself and just have someone put them on the trays will save you a bunch of money. Buy big bags of rolls (like at costco or Sam’s). Have only finger foods…then you won’t need to get forks etc….
    Hope this helps….

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