Why didn’t Conservatives join in the celebration of the anniversary of Mr. King’s speech? ?

April 2nd, 2010

I really didn’t see much of a celebration for the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speech this year. Did Mr. King’s message wear off over time?

When I was young Mr. King was a big part of American history. Hmm…times are changing I guess.

Why do a lot of Conservatives forget Mr. King these days?
FYI I think that his message was a positive one but it would be wrong to give him the title of “Doctor” when he cheated in graduate school and didn’t earn it. So “Mr.” is fair since he was a man:)
Oh and for you haters that may not know about his plagiarism you should read, “Plagiarism and the Culture War” by the learned historian, Theodore Pappas.

The book cites the original sources that Mr. King copied for his doctorate.

Cheating is never right but Mr. King did try to be a good man and I think that is why he is our hero even today:)
We talk about George Washinton in 2008 don’t we?

5 Responses to “Why didn’t Conservatives join in the celebration of the anniversary of Mr. King’s speech? ?”

  1. pgarox says:

    Why should Conservatives or Republicans necessarily be expected to acknowledge an event which took place so many years ago?

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, King’s speech was historic and uplifting, but let’s live in 2008, yes?

  2. desertviking_00 says:

    I’m a conservative. I commemorated the occasion. I also made mental note of the fact that the speech was entitled “Let Freedom Ring” and was written out in advance. It was about four minutes into the prepared speech that he paused and said: “I have a dream today”. From that point on it was an historic extemporaneous speech. Look at the film footage and see the eyebrows of Abernathy and the others behind King on the platform rise up in utter surprise. Of course I also spent some time in jail with Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1959 before it was fashionable to join in the civil rights struggle. The only talking about George Washington happens in February and is devoted to store sales on Presidents’ Day.
    I’m also a great believer in what King once said: “If a man cannot find something he is willing to die for, then that man is not fit to live”. If only the current era “fans” of his felt that way. Unfortunately many of them equate passive resistance with pacifism. They are mutually exclusive.

  3. Foreign Minister says:

    When Dr. Kind was alive, wasn’t it the DEMOCRATS who kept trying to silence him, including such liberal figures as JFK? That shouldn’t really be a surprise though, since the Democrats have opposed what Dr. King believed in for a long time.

  4. Uncle Tonto says:

    >>We talk about George Washinton in 2008 don’t we?<

  5. katzy says:

    Too constipated

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