Why am I completely addicted to this site?

April 12th, 2010

I’m not even engaged yet (hopefully anytime now) but I can’t seem to stay away from the weddings category here, or theknot, or looking for reception sites online. I’m going to make myself crazy. I keep telling myself I should get into wedding planning as a career, because I’m obviously obsessed, but I would hate to deal with crazy brides. Does anyone else have this problem?? I haven’t started keeping a binder quite yet, because I don’t want my boyfriend to freak out 🙂

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  1. firebetty74 says:

    What’s worse, is now that I’m actually done with the wedding, I keep coming back here to give crappy advice that no one seems to want….LOL!

  2. I Love Coffee says:

    You must be my twin!!!!!

    I love entertaining and being creative in general. Which is why I like this category so much. People are always talking about designs for centerpieces or colors of bridesmaid’s dress. I love coordinating that kind of stuff and thinking up ways to make DIY elegant.

    I think it goes hand in hand with my love of home decor too. It’s all visual, creative, etc.

    I’m not getting married yet either. I also expect my engagement to be soon. I don’t have a binder or anything. But, I’ve definitely done researching on pricing and stuff like that. I also have friends getting married soon. So, this site helps me give them ideas too.

    I think your obsession is OK. As long as you aren’t skipping social events/work/responsibilities to be on here, you’re fine.

  3. noitall says:

    we obviously don’t have lives

  4. LoLo says:

    haha NO PROBLEMS!! I’m the same, especially since alot of my friends and cousins have just gotten married, and my sister is engaged now. I keep looking up bridesmaids dresses, yet I always manage to find myself looking at wedding gowns… for myself. woops!
    My boyfriend would DEFINITELY freak out, as would yours, so no binders yet!! haha. I love this.

  5. Vero says:

    I am the same as you and Coffee! I think it’s because we grow up planning our weddings in our heads and now here we are ready to be engaged and planning our own weddings. I think part of it is getting to that age when everyone around us is getting married. I don’t have a binder or anything either. I look at dresses online though to get an idea of what styles I do and do not like.

  6. Shannon S says:


    Ive got wedding fever so bad its ridiculous. We’ve decided 2009 but he’s yet to give me the real ring.

    Ive seriously thought about doing the whole wedding planning thing too. Ive helped out my sister and friends…

  7. oy vey says:

    I know! I’m married, but my sister is engaged so I find myself drawn here to see what is happening with weddings. I do find it interesting to see the differences in cultures and opinions on the site. Just think of it as harmless fun.

  8. CBT Princess says:

    I’ve gotten into OffBeat Bride myself – I like that one, and the kick-ass women on it and how they are doing their weddings “different”. I think it’s all a nice escape from the grind of the day to day grind of our real lives, that’s all. And I indeed have become an unofficial wedding planner, I am doing a wedding next month for a friend’s daughter, and another one in June for a good friend… so it’s come in handy, LOL!

  9. spammerz85 says:

    I am too! Guess its just nice to have people to talk to and relate to.

  10. HELEND says:

    i got married last year and still check out wedding sites forums even looking at hte place were we got married

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