where to get married. My fiance is 26 years my senior, very much in love but this is his 3rd wedding and my?

April 8th, 2010

second. He is Jewish I am not (well sort of ) my dad is Jewish and my mom never convereted but I grew up going to Hebrew schoool and Sunday school. His first wife converted and they have 5 grown kids and two grandkids. his religion and culture was not as important for the secon as THEY AGREED TO NOT HAVE KIDS, but as he filed for divorce she was OOPs preg. He dearly loves his adorable 11 year old. I have twin girls age 9 and 6 year old son and a five year old daughter. we wanted a beach wedding but “destination wwedding has become so the norm, but i don’t want to marry in our hometown. we plan to have our kids family and about 20 close friends. anyone have a romntic place in mind that is child friendly. nothing like Italy, as we could not ask our family and friends to pay that, but more along the lines of Florida (pan handle) dallas texas, New Orleans, the Bahanas, el dorado royale cancun, big sur. please as mamy of youas possible giv eme your best romantic locatation. i love the beach
he loves the pool at the ebach both love warm weather and hate cold weather. hoping for a jewish ceremony. i ma far enough along in my hebrew and torrah studies that i can convert in time, bit we can have a non religious but he wants a chuppah and atleast a reform jew to bless the sanction. we have stalled for years becasue of our kids and now we think it is best to hurry and do it sinc ewe have told them and they are all excited. hawaii? Puerto Rico, come on where is the most romantic place you have ever been?
What about Las vegas i have heard it is far from cheesy now

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  1. mamma bird says:

    ever consider you home. any place can be romantic if you make it

  2. Ms. X says:

    You named a lot of potential places. Why not look up nice hotels there and see if they do destination weddings?

    P.S. What does the age difference, religion, and first wife’s “oops” pregnancy have to do with selecting a wedding destination?

  3. lunitari601 says:

    Why not get married abour the cruise ship in Florida, My friend did that. She had all her guest on the cruise ship in the smorning, had a reception in afternoon while cabins were being cleaned and boat being redied for the cruise. Then after the wedding everyone got to go on the cruise with them, It ewas great she got to have all her family their and they got to have lots of freedom to enjoy themselves. Also with the cruise they have lots of stuff for the kids to do so you guys can have some alone time and if your not OK with that you can always ask some of your family to watch them. The good part is that anyone who wants to come to florida and maybe go somewhere else can leave the ship after the wedding and go to orlando or miami or where ever and those that want to attend can book the cruise. Another friend of mine got married in the middle of the cruise and got an extreamly discounted rate becuase she made her ceremony public and everyone on the cruise could attend. No caterers, no hall to rent, no DJ needed, all was great fun. Good Luck and have fun!!!

  4. MissKnowItAll says:

    Hotel Del Coronado in the San Diego, CA area has wonderful weddings. It can be pricey but so elegant on their private beach… but hopefully no more expensive than any of the locaitons you have indicated. If you use a resort hotel, they can help you find a wedding officiant that will satisfy your needs.

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