Where should I plan my wedding in Bogota?

March 31st, 2010

I am planning to get married in Bogota and want recommendations for top of the line hotels, country clubs, or other beautiful and popular locations for a wedding ceremony and reception. Please let me know the best of the best?! Thanks!!!

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  1. Lina says:

    Are you planing an over the top ceremony? Depends what you want but i know of a place for a private Small wedding.. It is gorgeous place though the website is http://www.lacasadellagoeventos.com
    If you want big ceremonies go online and find big country clubs in colombia you ll find wedding places

  2. janjan says:

    you can marry in “Casa medina” hotel, it`s classy, but it is a little expensive, if that is not a problem you should stay there the page is: http://www.hotelcharlestoncasamedina.com/
    the TOp country clubs are: 1. Country club de Bogotá (http://www.countryclubdebogota.com/)
    2. Club los lagartos (this one is beautiful!!!) my parents ceremony was there, is awesome
    3. Club el nogal (www.clubelnogal.com)

    for a wedding ceremony you should marry in a beautiful chapel from Gimnasio Femenino, they buy awesome flowers to you and it is really beautiful and BIG!!
    the web page is: http://www.gimnasiofemenino.edu.co there is all the information you can get, the phones, the adress and the people you can contact

    and for the reception in my opinion you would L O V E it!!! you can contact me if you want more information I would love to help you my e-mail is juanita.gomez@live.com

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