where can I find a classy, elegant wedding dress for a college student’s budget?

April 14th, 2010

I am getting married to a wonderful man this summer. The only problem is that we are both still in college and as such are broke college students. I want a nice, elegant wedding dress for that special day, but I don’t know what relative price ranges are or where I could go to find one within a college student’s budget. Can anyone point me in a good direction?

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  1. shar-peilvr says:

    David’s Bridal

  2. gobabygo1982 says:

    Try EBAY believe it or not there are some nice dresses on there at decent prices.

  3. Hawaiisweetie says:

    Alfred Angelo, I got a beautiful dress, that matches me perfect for 450$, which I know how it is to be a college student, but remember that you want something that you will love being in.

  4. bush sucks nutz! says:

    depends on where you live…look in the phone book

  5. abc says:

    awe…email me, send me your dress size, height, location; we’ll get you a dress hon………

  6. gb_nina says:

    Depending on how formal of a wedding you’re having, you might consider trying department and specialty stores during the prom and post-prom season. I have a few friends who managed to get absolutely beautiful dresses at very, very reasonable prices.

    I got my dress at David’s Bridal. The price was very reasonable (about $400 with dress and everything that goes under it). The dress is beautiful and the price was right, but I certainly wasn’t impressed with the service that I received in the store….

  7. Sophie B says:

    Strangly enough, look in the JC Penney catalog..

  8. eldoradodave says:

    Look in the local classifieds of your daily paper for wedding gowns, used and unused

  9. Heather H says:

    i have found that the trick is to select what is in stock at a store. They will cut a deal, since most brides want to order their dress.

  10. madisons_mommy520 says:

    I highly recommend looking on Ebay for a nice, elegant wedding gown to fit your budget. I purchased my dream wedding gown off of Ebay myself when my husband and I married, and I paid less than $100 for it! I had pictured in my mind exactly what I wanted my dress to look like, and I did not find anything like it at David’s Bridal or anywhere else, but when I searched Ebay (which I should have done first) I immediately found my dress, and knew that it was meant for me. By the way, my dress had only been worn once, and it retailed for over $500. You can opt to purchase a brand new gown if you’d like, but I went with the used one, and just paid extra to have it dry cleaned locally. Everyone loved my dress, and I even had a lady ask to borrow it from me. I have a friend who’s mother made my veil to go with my dress, and I just purchased a headpiece and some tulle at a fabric store (less than $20.) I would definitely check Ebay, and I assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Another option to consider, is that a lot of places will rent wedding gowns for a very reasonable fee and include shoes, jewelry and the veil in the rental. Or, you could even check Goodwill or another second hand store, as you may be able to find what you are looking for there as well. Congrats on your upcoming marriage. God Bless you and your new family:)

  11. bam says:

    All brides are beautiful! Just find the one ,and make it your own.Price is not important.If you do spend too much,sell it immediately,it will only fade and be of no use later.I should know!!
    Also,you may want to find a dress,like out of season ,and have a seamstress fix the sleeves for the right season..cheaper this way.

  12. zelgadiss says:

    You can make your own, or rent one. Or just wear the best thing you have. You’ll wear it for one hour only and never again, so don’t make the mistake of spending hundreds of $ on something that will never be wearing again.

  13. charlie says:

    do you have your budget set yet? i think they say about 10% of the budget should go to the bride’s attire. david’s bridal and ebay are both good answers. maybe consider used dresses…
    dont’ forget to calculate in your alteration cost when you buy your dress.

  14. courtney says:

    I got a beautiful dress at David’s Bridal for like $299. They’re very inexpensive, and there are some very nice dresses. I was really surprised by the reasonable prices.

  15. weddrev says:

    Details……What kind of wedding? Informal, or formal?
    Church or other venue?
    Indoors or out?
    What are you looking for in a dress?

    Here’s a jumping off spot.




  16. galixcysmagic says:

    http://www.bridalshoponline.com found them on ebay dresses look fantastic!

  17. hi_iduntcyber_doyou says:

    i got mine ..a custom made BRAND NEW dress off ebay for 100 bucks..it came from china..the dress is BEAUTIFUL…just search custom wedding gown

  18. Vanessa says:

    try http://www.houseofbrides.com... they’ve got discounted rates there.

    if you find that their bridal gowns are out of your budget ($299-699 range), you can click on the bridesmaids gowns and choose. now, don’t worry coz you can find a wedding gown there by choosing white for the color options. the prices there are way cheaper ($120-300).

    this is just a website-based store though… what you can do is to search through the website for a gown design you like, and search for bridal shops in your area that carries the designer (they’ve got dessy, after six, mori lee, alfred sung, bill levkoff and lots more). ask the bridal shops whether they carry that specific gown design that you like… then show up at the store and try on the dress. if you like it, order it from house of brides and just have it altered to fit your body well. =)

    believe me, they do have really nice basic gowns for $100-200 =)

    and oh! bridal and bridesmaid gowns have free shipping.

  19. cardgirl2 says:

    victoriasbridalcollection.com. Georgeous gowns. You can also try David’s Bridal on their sale rack..some of the gowns are georgeous. Someone I know bought a gown there for $350 and it was stunning. Good Luck

  20. urangel4life2006 says:

    contact me if you can’t find one and i’ll email you the pics of the dress i made for my daughter. I’ll make you one for the cost of materials only.

  21. tnlongyrs says:

    Try Goodwill. Some how I’ve become the free wedding planner for all the girls at work and I always take the ones on a budget to Goodwill first. We’ve found brand new, never worn wedding dresses for as little as twenty dollars. A quick trip to the dry cleaners and presto! A beautiful dress for less then you’ll pay for a good pair of shoes.

  22. Bride To Be says:

    I have an answer! I am also getting married on a budget….
    I found my wedding dress on the clearance rack at David’s Bridal for $37!!! it’s fabulous….not white…but close….they have great stuff. Also…try consignment shops that specialize in bridal wear…everyone buys expensive dresses…wears them once….but eventually gets tired of the fricking things in the closet and tries to sell them.

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