What was your favorite moment in the Twilight series?

April 9th, 2010

Warning: Be prepared for spoilers.
Background info: I asked this question about Harry Potter already, so I figured I’d ask about Twilight as well. I am not asking this question to compare the answers. Yes, I did use the search engine. I personally did not find similar, recent questions.

There are four books (four and a half, I suppose, if you’ve read the part of Midnight Sun) and a lot of possible favorite moments. Maybe you liked when Edward and Bella first kissed. It could have been finding out Jacob was a werewolf, or when Alice returns in New Moon, or Bella and Edward’s wedding, or meeting the Volturi. The possibilities are endless.

So tell me your favorite!

Mine: Of all the books, my favorite moment was when Jacob finally came into himself and became an Alpha in Breaking Dawn. What was even better about it was that he wasn’t going to break the pack apart. I loved his “there is the pack, then there is me; I am not a pack” speech that he gave over and over. I found within me a new respect for Jacob (even though I already respected him).

How about you all?

14 Responses to “What was your favorite moment in the Twilight series?”

  1. ms_minisuka says:

    when Edward dies. 🙁

  2. Me says:

    The wedding

    AND I KNOW THIS IS STUPID (so don’t kill me)

    but i almost cried

  3. flypup0194 says:

    Mine was the night Edward came back in New Moon.

  4. Michelleyy<3 says:

    i’ll name all my fav moments!
    meadow scene
    when edward comes back
    all the scenes theyre together
    fire and ice scene
    the wedding
    the last 2 pages soo cute

    but yeah i hav a lot of favs

  5. Donut says:

    I loved it when Edward and Bella embrace after she wakes up from her bed after having almost died. It’s beautiful and funny as she notices that kissing him is even better now than before.

  6. Miss Swan ♥ says:

    Omg, I liked that part too. 😀

    I like when Bella first became a vampire. The hunt,
    and everything. Cause you could kind of see what it was like to
    be a vampire. What shes feeling the first time she hunts,
    how she hunts and what not. xD

    Even though from Bella’s perspective you can see some
    of Edward’s powers (like running and his strength) but when your reading from her
    perspective as a vampire, it’s really cool. 🙂

  7. never been kissed says:

    mine was when bella first meet Renessema and they just looked at each other

  8. hiddenstar says:

    It’s a major spoiler – but as we’ve all read it I have to say the part in Breaking Dawn when Bella learns about Jacob imprinting on Nessie.
    Seriously, it was totally predictable but I did not see it coming at all, and when it did I laughed so hard that I was literally crying, which doesn’t happen often.
    I also love the lion/lamb scene in Twilight. It’s so beautiful, even if it is over-quoted now.

  9. Clarkie says:

    I find that every twilight question has become so redundant and similar that pasting this in inevitably answers all possible twilight questions:
    No, I am not a fan, I am not a hater either. I am Twi-nueteral.
    Yes, I read them all.
    Yes, I get annoyed by fans.
    My favorite character is Alice.
    Harry Potter is better.
    It is not the “bestest book EVUH!!!!”
    Yes, twilight related questions get on my nerves.
    If you need the page #/title of a chapter, look in your own book.
    The movie was OK.
    The book order is: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn.
    I understand the hype- It’s aimed at a very obsessive age group.
    I won’t give you a summary, read the book.
    My fave scene is when Bella thinks there is something wrong with her cause all the horror stuff (new moon). In twi I like the meadow, in eclipse I like the proposal, in breaking dawn I like the wedding.
    I think my school has worse fan girls than yours, they throw books and draw fake bite-marks
    If I didn’t answer your question, I’m sorry for wasting your time. (you kind of deserved it for asking a twilight question.)

    Look at that, second from the bottom, answers your question.

  10. Jerimiah M says:

    I fell in love with Twilight. Loving Edward..Loving Bella…everything.
    But when New Moon came along and Edward went, I was almost prepared to give up (No Edward?!)
    But when I read all the things with Jacob…how he helped her recover…I developed a new respect for Jacob, and thats actually one of my favourite parts out of the whole saga.

    Like Twilight?
    Read this, its my despcription..thingy.
    Its very long, so you dont have too 🙂
    I would like more opinions you see, some people say I should concider writing more…
    Its the second-to-last question on my page
    (i would give you a direct link, but my computer is playing up)



  11. natalieladoosh says:

    In Twilight, I like when Edward and Bella fall in love. The whole first and forbidden love got to me.
    In New Moon, I like when Bella goes to Jacob. Jacob’s a really happy guy and I love his personality. I also like it when Bella and Edward get away from the Volturi perfectly fine.
    In Eclipse, I like when Rosalie and Jasper finally tell their stories to Bella about when and how they became vampires. I also like how Jacob when he’s persisting to get Bella to fall in love with him.
    In Breaking Dawn, I like when they get married of course and finding out how Jacob imprinted on Renesmee was awesome. 😀
    I loved basically everything in the Midnight Sun rough draft because it’s great to find out what Edward was thinking the entire time.
    Out of all the books, I’d say my favorite parts were when Edward and Bella first fell in love, when they got married, and when Jacob helped Bella in New Moon. 🙂

  12. Tinkerbell says:

    My favorite part was in Eclipse when Rosalie finally opens up to Bella and tells her about her past.

  13. ♥Magda♥ says:

    For me, definitely the tent scene in Eclipse. Jacob was hilarious and very sweet, and Edward, who normally annoys me, was pretty likable in that scene. And it has one of the best lines in the book.


  14. Anonomys says:

    when in the second book mike still thinks he has a chnace with bella

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