What site can I go to that has a large gallery of wedding hair and makeup pictures?

April 9th, 2010

I’ve been to the more popular sites and I’ve found some things I like but I’m looking for more options.
Usually when I google “wedding hairstyles” or “wedding makeup” I can cheesy websites with styles that look dated or for older women.

Help is appreciated!

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  1. Future Mrs. Porter says:

    Id try

    and google 🙂

  2. phototrish591989 says:

    I just ran into the same problem about a week ago.. it’s really hard to find good hairstyles that aren’t outdated or too “high fashion”…

    what i did to find my final hairstyle was look at photobucket.com and type in “wedding hairstyles” or “prom hairstyles” under the search bar… you can see what people have done.. and they are all recent and what people would actually do to their hair… also try tinypic.com they both work! but i had more luck with photobucket.

    hope this helps !! =]

  3. Supercalifragilistic says:

    The Wedding Channel has a ton of ideas:

    I found another website that has a lot of ideas too. I’ll admit some are uber cheesy, but they’ve got some nice ones too:

    Congrats and good luck!! Hope you find the perfect do!

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