What should i study at university to become a wedding planner?
March 31, 2010

I want to become a wedding or party planner but feel i should go to university first to have a back up degree…
does anyone know of suitable degree or have any advice for me?

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  1. A degree in business is always useful. it will help you in your business as a party planner as well.

  2. I also suggest a degree in business, but I’d also look into Public Relations/Advertising. When I was in school we had to take event planning for a class. Just research the school you want to attend. Look at their degrees that could apply to being a wedding planner, than look at the classes offered.

  3. Photography,
    Flower Arranging,
    Cake Decorating.
    Music, etc.
    Anything that will help you to help a bride and groom make good choices about these things, for their wedding. I think any of these would give also help with a back up career too.

  4. I would recommend management – that way you learn how to manage a business as well as people. Or, strategic communication may also be a major to look in to.

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