what is his deal? so confused. is he interested or not?

April 8th, 2010

i have known this guy forever. he is our really good family friends’ cousin. WE see him alot. Ecsp in summer. we always kinda chat when with our families. A year or two ago I knew he had a crush on me. (he told his friend). i was too stupid to realize this then.

he was asking my mom if i was going to be there the next time we all saw each other which was soon. she took this as a sign he wanted to see me.

so, i got his number and we texted one day but only for like an hour. he answered within a minute of each and it was a good convo.

i txed him later that week but he never answered. at all. he got the txt. it was 5 days.

then our families hung out friday. he was with his grandma and me with my mom. he’s verrry shy. we kinda talked but mainly in groups. hes not outgoing so i figured he wouldnt initiate it so i tried but it was rather akward. im not hitting on a guy when hes next to my mom… but we really didnt talk at all. i was dissappointed hoping we would.

later that night my mom told me he asked her if i had a boyfriend, and stuff like that. so doesnt that mean hes interested?…if he is going to ask my MOM about it?

i txted him sunday, he answered right away and we talked for like another hour but i had to go that time. we said wed talk later so i txted him a few days later. he hasnt answered. its been 4 days so far. i know this is weird but we both have verizon so i know he recieved it and his phone is on.

he studies alot and is crazy smart, like honors program and stuff. he does work too but doesnt he have to see his phone is dayss? (btw he is a senior and i am a junior but at diff schools)

i dont get him. it looks like he is interested but then other times never answers my txts. i understand he is very shy but if im making the move, shouldnt he jump on that?

pleae help me at least attemot to figure him out? i decided i like him. alot now. hes everything i didnt have before and want now. i get my hopes all up with this great plan of how great we would be and this amzing relationship. but other times im just let down.

so sorry this is long but i would really really appreciate some help

thanks a bunch! 🙂

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  1. Jose says:

    Get to know them better. This is not a task only to be accomplished through dating. The more you get to know him or her, the more you can tell if you like them as a friend or something else. Just talk and do fun activities with the person.
    Stop and consider why you like the person. There are many physically attractive and smart people out there. But if you see something beyond that really catches your attention, you’ve marked this person as unique and probably like them. Why else would they stand out from so many?
    Consider how many times you think about the person. If you find yourself thinking about this person several times a day, and they are happy thoughts that possibly make your heart beat faster, then you probably like them.
    Think how often you laugh at their jokes etc. When you like someone, you will find yourself laughing at things even if they aren’t that funny. This is a natural attempt to make them feel appreciated.
    If the one conversation between you and the person is stuck in you head and you cant stop telling people about it. this means it was important to you, and you probably like the person.
    Consider how much you try to be near them. If you’ve planned your walking speed to catch a glimpse of them as many times of the day as possible, there is a good reason for that.
    Think about how you feel if you touch him or her, by accident or on purpose. If you’re still thinking about brushing shoulders several hours ago in school, then that is a special thought and you probably like them.
    If you feel you’re ready for a relationship, and are confident enough for a positive response, then just go ahead and ask them out. If you’re unsure of their feelings for you, there are several wikihows on how to tell if someone likes you.

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