What is a nice,classy alternative to getting married in a church (or religious establishment of any sort)?

April 16th, 2010

While I love the buildings themselves and think most are beautiful, we aren’t religious. I’m trying to get some ideas for places to get married that are nice, but also memorable/enjoyable for everyone.

NO beach weddings.

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  1. justanotherrodeogirl says:

    a libary esp if you both are avid readers

    art studio or musum

    state or national park


  2. Melanie says:

    A banquet hall at a nice Hotel. I would say park but then you have to worry about the rain. I had a freind that got married at the Browns stadium in Ohio and it turned out great.

  3. *Miss_Autumn* says:

    If you aren’t religious, you can get married anywhere. In a museum, a historical mansion, a local park or botanical garden, your reception venue, anywhere you want.

  4. DigitalDiva says:

    We aren’t religious either, so we aren’t getting married in a church although I do think they are beautiful. We have decided to get married outside next to the water under a huge willow tree and beside a large garden. Another idea is to get married at some kind of heritage building in your area, or at a vineyard. We live near many gorgeous vineyards in our area that offer wedding packages, but we ended up planning for the wedding to be in my hometown, which is not near any. We also considered getting married on a large sailboat that could be rented out for weddings.

  5. jayjay says:

    What about a Bed and Breakfest

  6. hayleyturnbull2003 says:

    Gardens are always nice, or if you have a historic building in your home town that is beautiful, you can try that. I just got married at our Chamber of Commerce, an old mansion with a courtyard and fountain.

  7. Sophiesmama says:

    do you live near your state capitol? that’s where my daughter is thinking of getting married, it is a beautiful building. Have any rich friends that have a lovely home that they would provide?

  8. Alice says:

    You sould look into renting a nice hall, or going to a park, or garden to host the ceremony. You could also look into museums and other such establishments, there really are alot of options other than churches.

  9. Shantel A says:

    bed and breakfast would be nice or a garden I went to a wedding at a zoo once. I’m getting married in a bridal chapel that used to be my preschool. Have fun.

  10. keepingfaith* says:

    my husband and i got married at a country club house. we are not members, but the place was brand new and they were renting it to the public for things like weddings. it was real nice and so spacious! you should check around your area or close to your area for unique places. good luck!

  11. Sake says:

    Under a beautiful tree; either at a park or someones backyard.

    In a nice front yard of someones private home.

    In front of a fountain.

    At an art gallery in front of a beautiful painting.

    In front of a waterfall.

    At a Bed and Breakfast.

  12. Jenna says:

    we are getting married at a Botanical Center.

  13. Maham Dacor says:

    The park is always great. The backyard of your home, or one of your parent’s homes. A local historical building, bed and breakfast, or government building might work as well.

    My church wedding was at our Unitarian Universalist church. We had it in the round (as opposed to walking down the aisle to the front). At the end of the service, our pastor lead a drumming and everyone had noise makers. They had SO much fun, and we still get compliments on it.

    Unitarian Universalist Congregations are filled with people of many different religions and philosophies, including atheists and pantheists, buddhists and humanists. People who aren’t religious or who have left a religious upbringing flock to these buildings. You could have a wedding in a beautiful place without it being “religious.” It might be worth looking into your local UU.

  14. weight loss consultant says:

    What about a nice park?

  15. iloveweddings says:

    Some ideas would be:

    a zoo
    a museum
    a bookstore
    a coffee shop
    a bed and breakfast or small inn
    an aquarium
    a national, state, or city park
    a historical site
    a historical home
    a golf club
    an old barn

    Really…the possibilites are endless. And, YES, all of the above suggestions have been used for weddings!

  16. [With Love] KSP says:

    I knew some one who got married at a yacht club. Some one else got married at an amazing hotel. And I also have a friend who got married at this place with all these stair cases inside and pretty gardens outside. It was amazing. Just look for local buildings around you that offer weddings.

  17. Morgan C says:

    go to a nice PARK!
    some parks have places where weddings can be easily set up, like by a nice pond with paths for an isle.
    i attended a wedding like that and it was beautiful, and the bride looks even more stunning in the natural light.
    i think it would be great!

  18. Educated woman says:

    Yes get married outside on a lawn. Some where that has a large grassy area. Like at someone’s house backyard, townhall lawn, or many people get married inside or outside of wherever they have their reception (like a hotel, country club, etc).

  19. Ever After Events says:

    As a wedding planner in the Smoky Mountains we offer many different ceremony venues such as waterfalls, gardens, gazebos, banquets, and many more.

    If marrying outside of a church, pick a venue that reflects you both as a couple. This could be anything from hobbies you enjoy, to where you first met.

    It’s also important to consider the time of year you plan to wed as well as guest mobility. If you do decide on a garden or waterfall, be sure there is enough parking and accessibility for guests, especially elderly and children.

    Gatlinburg, Tn is the number three wedding destination in the world, and number two in the U.s. so, if you decide to wed here, we would love to have you!

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