What if you find out when its too late (MARRIED)?

April 6th, 2010

I met a lady (from nepal) around 2 years ago and began a relationship with her. She has 2 boys 19 and 14 from a 15 year old marriage in nepal, and he fled one night from gambling debts etc. She also said she came to australia in the final week of 2003 from hong kong on a tourist visa, and as a nanny for a hong kong family and liked australia so much she called a nepalese man living in australia for 12 years to come and rescue her.(he drove a taxi 12 hours for her) He did and they started a relationship for the following 2 years from 2004 to the middle of 2006. He bought her diamond ring and jewelerry and they both shared a unit had split bank accounts etc whiel they were together. They were planning to marry but my partner said she broke it off because she found out he was married with kids in nepal. He went back to nepal.
I believed it all, and also she transferred from tourist to refugee protection visa and for the last 5 years has been fighting supreme court to stay here and cannot. Now she has wanted marriage for 2 years from me and i didnt, because i was unsure, we live together for 1.5 years in a unit. I proposed in feb this year for marriage, but she didnt say a thing, and now she got a letter to get out of australia in 28 days. So for the last 2 weeks she has wanted to marry me quickly, and then we go to nepal for 3 to say 6 months or more and i live with her over their earning no money until her spousal visa comes thru.
I am australian, born here in sydney. 36 years old , never married and no kids., It has been a controlling relationship, i have lost friends, family etc thru this ordeal for her wanting complete control of me. So yeah i could write here the next 1000 lines of what has been happening over the last 2 years, but anyway i stuck with her, couldnt leave her. Lots of money and heartache. She has 2 sons in nepal she hasnt seen for last 10 years. Just about 2 hours ago this morning, after 2 loong years, i find out that she has been calling him every week for the last 2 years we have been together. Like 150 times in 2 years plus. So i married her in registry office last saturday, i cant live without her, she is all i have. mmmmmmm the story just goes on and on and on….(u know…he also gave her a car and diamonds etc etc)….i never did, i struggle to pay rent and food……

BUT guess WHAT!!….do you remember a movie called “usual suspects”…anyway..i had flashbacks yesterday….photos of her 2 sons, and her ex fiance in sydney….They match up kind of….and the phone calls…..i rang telephone company and found she has called ex fiance 10 times in last 2 weeks approximately……and you knwo ..ex husband never ran away…it si him..kaiser solsay….the man here in sydney weeks before i started going out with her…he is her husband….she is married to him….both have wedding rings…photos…car together….she wants me for greencard here..leave next week for 6 months my job and life to bring her back in….unbelievable…she has been with me …2 years +..living together 1.5 years in same bed…….I married saturday…….5 days ago….argHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..she is depresssed nwo since i asked her abou tit..she didnt admit it..but asked me what i want to do now!!!!!!!

3 Responses to “What if you find out when its too late (MARRIED)?”

  1. odeueus says:

    easy go to the police station and tell them shes a bigamist and get the marriage anulled then get to hell away from her

  2. Glenda says:

    Contact a lawyer ASAP, know your legal options! You have been swindled (polygamy)!

  3. Veronica S says:

    You have a complicated life, hope you sort it out!

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