What could my fiance and i could do about these racial comments & harassments?

March 29th, 2010

My fiance and I are engaged and we are living with each other, we both are 17 year old and we’re waiting until graduation to get married, we also have our wedding planned out. However, she and i have been having a lot of racial comments from the haters. They would call us the ugly chink couples and throw food at us at lunch because we focus more on studying then those people. They harass us at school all of the time and also on our new myspace page, we’ve both created one for us as a couple. We never add haters but they still keep on sending hating messages & racial comments in private messages on our myspace page. We’ve created the page to keep our friends and family updated on our countdown to our wedding day even thuogh we both have seperate myspace pages. They also damage our new house by throwing eggs & rocks & bricks, our house got really dirty and one of our windows is broken. Could anyone please me how my fiance & i could deal with these racial comments & harassments by these haters ? We really need your help so we can stop the haters from doing these things.

7 Responses to “What could my fiance and i could do about these racial comments & harassments?”

  1. ♥Invisible Pink Unicorn♥ says:

    I find all this hard to believe as at the age of 17 your not allowed to sign any type of contracts be it to rent or to own a house – seems fishy

  2. dobbaaa says:

    You can take legal action; they vandalized your home and broke something on your property.
    That’s just absolutely wrong. As for the remarks… I would suggest just ignoring them. That’s all I can really think of 🙁
    Good luck, and I’m happy you two are engaged! 🙂

  3. craig b says:

    People do not do things for no reason. What are these people so mad for?
    You didn’t give enough info.

  4. Dragonfly Girl says:

    I’m with Unicorn, this seems very fishy.

  5. Mooches says:

    You can block haters on myspace.As for people throwing food at you…catch it and throw the food back at them….or better yet…grab the food and run after them….smear the food in their faces. Bet they won’t do it again 🙂

  6. crazed says:

    OMG call the police , this is against the law. Where in the hell do you live? Are there no other Asians there? weird

  7. KAT says:

    what is an ugly chink couple? what does that mean??

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