What are some great ways to decorate for an elegant wedding without breaking the bank?

April 9th, 2010

We are using tulle, lots of candles, silk flowers, etc. But I really want it to stand out and look magnificent even on a very small budget. For all you crafters and wedding planners out there, what are some things I can use that are not that expensive, but still are beautiful and fancy?
I am getting married inside of a very large and gorgeous church in may! The colors are chocolate, lavendar, and cream.

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    go to the thrift store

  2. jj says:

    where are you getting married? Indoors,outdoors, church or house and what time of year?

  3. Dj says:

    buy the strings of beads/ribbon at craft stores like Hobby Lobby….”knot” the tulle in sections, and interlace the strings of pearls, or something not-too-tacky, but eye-catching, w/ the “knots” pearls are beautiful, and they’ll accent the tulle nicely.

  4. zimmiesgrl says:

    Glass hurricane lamps are really cheap when you buy them at craft stores. Place a candle inside with some sand or even polished rocks…something like that and put some flowers or ribbon around them, and they will be great center pieces.

    Also, for decorating you could get sheer material at craft stores and use it as tooling for decorating, and use the same ribbon to tie it where you bunch it up. It will really brighten up and add a lot of elegance to wherever it is you are having it.

  5. basketball says:

    i worked at a local country club and some of the most prettiest weddings recipients would be simple not a lot of clutter they also used photos of the couple from the time they were babbies to when they were dating also floating candles on the table sometimes you can find pretty floating candles at the dollar store

  6. pspoptart says:

    For one thing lay off the tulle. It’s nice as an accent but when you put it on everything your wedding will look dated and cheap.

    Go to the grocery store, especially the produce aisle for ideas. Think outside the box. For instance, you could have a “Perfect Pair” theme and for centerpieces have an arragement of pears, you can sugar them for sparkle. Or do a garden theme and wrap aspargus and chili peppers around big candles with a pretty ribbon, hollow out some artichokes for votives (I have pictures of all of these in case you are thinking I’m crazy). For wintertime fill a bowl with cranberries and water and float a few candles in it. You could do the same thing for summer with blueberries.

    For candle holders ask the vendor who is handling the bar to include extra shot glasses. regular shot glasses make wonderful tealight holders and the tall double shot glasses make great bud vases and don’t look like shot glasses at all. The best part? You are already paying for them when you get the bar so they are basically free.

  7. djbreed_2000 says:

    she’s right,,,the dollar store,has plain candle holders you can use…You can tie the tole in large bows and glue flowers in the middle.and put on the pews.and you don’t need them on all the pews…I had dripless candles(churches require those now).fire codes. We put the candles on the first 4 rows reserved for family and lit them was pretty…sometimes you can borrow,I had to rent a 2 sprial candelabras for both sides of the stage,and I wraped them with cream colored rose garlands that I got @ wal-mart,it was very pretty,and the ushers came out and lit them before the ceramony,i guess that started the ceromony. I also put a beautiful wooden table on the stage for the unity candle and put a huge cream colored flower pot underneath full of white and cream roses.White,and cream colored roses are very elegant,and not tooo expensive at wal-mart.
    The reception tables I covered with white sheets,because the tablecloths were higher…I got them on sale earlier in the year…I put small glass candle holders surrounded by white and peach colored candle rings on each table.probably 4 per table,then of course the brides bouquet decorated the brides table.You can sprinkle the colored wedding sprinkles you can get at any hobby shop down the center of the tables..do this before put the punch or cakes on them…we only had a cake reception…and it worked great! The most expensive thing of course was the wedding cake,but I went to a small place,who someone recommeded and a little black lady made the best cakes,,and it was like half the cost and a beautiful cake…about 200.00.most people charge 100.00 per layer.
    We got the groom a huge chocolate cake at wal-mart bakery for only 30.00,a bargain! They make wedding cakes too…but be careful,they don’t deliver it…always get someone that can deliver,and set up your wedding cake.We also put roses around th base of the wedding cake..and choc.strawberries around the grooms cake..I did those myself. If you want eloquent,beautiful,,,stick with cream and white colors…and do it yourself…of course i’ve done several…if you need help e-mail me for any advice…good luck!

  8. Blunt says:

    If you want to look “magnificent” skip the tulle and the silk flowers.

    I suggest organza and fresh flowers. Ireses, greenery and wild flowers are not expensive and will look great and way better than faux flowers.

    Good luck

  9. Rural thoughts says:

    Use inexpensive fresh flowers. Then you can have a lot with out spending a lot. I think a lot of flowers make a wedding beautiful. Carnations, daisies, etc.

    Marbles in vases are pretty, lots of candle light, have someone make delicate pretty pew bows, soft music in the back ground, just think simple, simple is often the most beautiful!

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