Were McCain’s ads today classy or sad?

April 17th, 2010

His congratulations on giving a speech on MLK’s I have a dream anniversary speech’s anniversary ad, a classy move, or sad that he has to admit to running so many negative ads he has to announce he is taking a break for a day?

12 Responses to “Were McCain’s ads today classy or sad?”

  1. Michelle Obamas Botox Technician says:

    McCain was ahead of Obama in the polls before the DNC, and will retake the lead again and even more so after the RNC. McCain puts out some really good adds. When I watch them, I believe in them. When I watch Obama’s adds, all I can think is there is just another typical politician with hollow promises.

  2. Gone Fishing says:

    I didn’t see any of the ads today. In fact, I have chosen not to watch the ads of either candidate if I can avoid them. I already know what both McCain and Obama are going to say about themselves and each other.

  3. Maureen L says:

    Very classy and admirable!

  4. Yenta says:

    I didn’t even see these ads…

  5. AIM HIGH says:

    A sad, desperate move from the racist old geezer that fought against a MLK Holiday in Arizona.

    Is there any issue john won’t flip flop on in an effort to get elected?

  6. Ford Prefect says:

    he actually referenced “I have a dream”? what a moron…he;s a white guy stealing the black man’s fire…does he realize he’s an old white man?

  7. Mz_SO_CAL says:

    His ulterior motive clearly manifests itself.

  8. Green Pagan SORD JPAS says:


    I do appreciate that he has laid off on the attacks for a moment…

    But it’s also sad that he had to buy millions of dollars worth of advertising on CNN to keep his name in the press…

  9. g says:

    hahaha… I didn’t even think about it like that…

    I’m taking a day off from telling lies to say “congrats”… I’m so classy…

  10. King Midas says:

    McCain is using Hillary’s blueprint which didn’t work for her.

  11. Coop says:

    While my first impulse was to classy, I’d have to say sad considering that they were coming from a guy who voted against MLK day, congratulating the first black man on the 40th anniversary of “I Have a Dream” So yes, the more and more I think about it, sad.

    Edit: Sorry AIM HIGH, I didn’t see you beat me to that point. But yeah, what a pathetic attempt to look like a nice guy, instead of the foolish old liar that he truly is. He’s a hero, though, I shouldn’t criticize him

  12. bullofbama says:

    MLK was a Republican like McCain. He wants to recognize a Republicans dream has been realized in the fact that the Democrats have side stepped their racist views and nominated a Black man to run for president. Historic in several ways. McCain showed class.

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