Wedding invitations envelope etiquette?

April 13th, 2010

My printer that I’m having my wedding invitations made with offered to print my return address info on the invitation envelope, and my mailing address on the RSVP card. I like this idea as I don’t have time or patience to write this on 200 invites. My question is, should I use the same serif font I’m using on my invites? Or should I use something fancy like calligraphy?

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  1. Mrs♥B says:

    Which do you like better? There’s your answer 🙂

  2. ♥Invisible Pink Unicorn♥ says:

    Whichever you prefer – there’s no wrong answer here

  3. Peabee says:

    You should use the fancier looking script (calligraphy) for the invites, and the simpler on the response card envelopes.

  4. juvegirl, B2B 2010 says:

    You can use whatever you like, HOWEVER:

    Your return envelopes should not have a font that is fancy enough to have letters mistaken for other letters. Meaning some fonts are harder to read. You can’t expect the postman to get it right ALL the time, and if an RSVP gets dirty for example, some fancy fonts might be harder to read than on that is more plain.

    Good luck!

  5. Twinklestar says:

    yes, i agree w/the above answer.
    My brother just had his wedding and the labels he printed were extremely fancy but they all got them okay,,,i was surprised.
    congrats and g/l!!

  6. Tayllor says:

    Yes, This is standard. You may have used two fonts on the invitation it can be either of those, don’t use a completely different font. Many will just do calligraphy on the outer envelope for the addresses and not do the other areas. It is just to expensive for most folks. What many brides do is have each piece hand calligraphy and then than design is made into a plate which is printed on the invite and every piece, so you have the calligraphy printed on each piece which looks great and then you hand calligraphy the outer envelope addresses. This helps keep the cost down and still looks wonderful. You can also get a calligraphy motif to match.

  7. Nora says:

    Calligraphy is nicer

  8. Azy says:

    I would match the invites.

    The reason for calligraphy would be for addressing the envelopes, anyway – NOT the return address.

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