Wedding horror stories…care to share yours?

April 14th, 2010

My husband and I are planning a renewal ceremony for our five year anniversary because our original wedding was just awful. I love the marraige but I want fond memories of our wedding so we’re doing a do-over with just the two of us. I’m sitting here going over information for it and thinking back to our original wedding just puts me in tears. Make me feel better. Tell me your wedding horror stories!
I don’t care to share everything but it began with my overhearing my future-now-mother-in-law calling me censored names because apparently I was too picky about where I wanted chairs placed for the ceremony. My husband has since talked to her about it but I have never forgiven her for it.

While my husband and I were getting ready, my stepdad set up an ugly blue tarp on posts where the ceremony was to be performed, apparently in case it rained. It was stained with holes and by the time my husband and I saw it, the ceremony was starting and it was too late to tear it down without looking foolish. My stepdad also ran out for pop and chips right after the ceremony so we had to hold the reception until he got back, which was an hour later.

The only thing we asked out of our families was to borrow my husband’s mother’s stereo so we could play CDs of songs we had burned for the reception. Thirty minutes into the reception she unplugged and loaded everything into her vehicle because
she wanted to hit a few bars since she drove all the way into town.

We also had to put the reception off not just because of my stepdad but because people were too busy using the stereo to listen to the homecoming football game of a local university. Several people skipped the wedding so they could go to the game instead.

My Maid of Honor also disappeared for an hour and a half with her then boyfriend of one month into the nearby woods, missing a lot of pictures, the cake-cutting, and the first and only dance my husband and I had together since my mother-in-law wanted to leave.

We strictly said there would not be alcohol at our wedding by my now father-in-law brought out a big rolling cooler full of beer like it was a damn tailgate party.

I ended up in the bathroom crying for over half an hour before my mom noticed I was gone and came to find me. No one else noticed I wasn’t around. I still can’t look at wedding pictures without crying.
Oh, the officiant we had also kept cancelling appointments to meet so I typed up a few things I wanted included in the ceremony. She came and read directly off the printed sheets I gave her, like a third grader reading a book report in front of the class. If I had known I was writing the ENTIRE ceremony I would have included so much more if I knew she was going to read verbatim.

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  1. corinne1029 says:

    Well, my wedding is still months away, so I don’t have any horror stories yet, but I keep having nightmares.

    Last night, I dreamt that it was the day of the wedding and everything was perfect. The flowers were gorgeous, the food was ready, there was no rain, perfect. Except the photographer kept asking me why there were no guests. I finally had to tell my fiance that I forgot to order or send any invitations at all. Only our families and bridal party showed up!

  2. Neets_78 says:

    We had a nice wedding and everything. But my mom in law showed up 45 minutes late for the ceremony . That pissed me off. I told her she was lucky she showed up to the church, because I was thinking of not lettin her in to the reception. My sister in law was my maid of honor and she really wasn’t a good one she was extremely lame. All that after she threw a fit to be the maid of honor. They made my wedding a bad memory. They are really selfish women.

  3. Xena says:

    My wedding horror story……..everything was going as planned getting ready for ceremony. As i was walking down the isle , i was so happy to see my man standing up there looking so handsome. I get up to the isle..i was so nervous , i really wasnt looking at him…..but as i turned to say our vowes, i notice he had a HICKEY on his neck.! (not from me, i didnt see him the night before ) I almost walked out…but i didnt. (should have) lol
    at the reception………i barely saw him. I was lucky to get in 1 dance. He was drunk and running around smacking all the woman he could find on the butt and looking down their shirts. his “excuse” was “its my wedding day, i can do whatever i want”
    After the reception , i had to drive him home…..carry him in the house, and he fell on the couch and passed out.
    i counted up all the money and went out to the bar with my family. lol
    that marriage lasted 8 years….lol a lot longer than it should have lol

  4. Blunt says:

    Share yours, and I’ll share mine.

    Come’on , you got me curious now!

  5. Chicka<3 says:

    yu just have to read these;

    heres mine though;
    My mother in law to be really wanted to do something special for me for the wedding. She decided to ask the girl that had been doing her hair for 8 years if she would come to my moms house and do everyones hair for the wedding.

    the girl agreed and was supposed to be there at 1 pm. She never showed up! My mom, me, mother in law, flower girl and 4 bridesmaids had 5 hours to find a hair dresser before the wedding! I did find someone but by that time the limo and photographer were already at the house waiting for me. I had 10 minutes to get make up on and dressed- didn’t make it I was 20 minutes late for my own wedding!

    heres anohter; my bestfreind was getting married. they had there own hosue and everything the bride’s parents came to the house giving a lsit of reason not to marry the finace; less then 2 months before the weding!they had over ten items.
    when they were i nthe middle of these the finace came home.
    and the bride’s parnts then told them that they had cancelled everything and were selling there house.
    but me and my bestfreidns other friend pitched in and got the wedding oign again.
    the bride therefore had to walk down with ther father-in-law because her parents were no longer welcome to the wedding.

    and my cuzin had painted her nails bright purple before her wedding over her acrilyic nails.
    this was like 4 days before the wedding. the weddingcame up and they were ahving a HUGE hard time gettign them off. they couldnt.
    so they di the french manicure over the nails. as best as thye could and all. but this was 2 days before. day of the wedding the manicure started to peel and looked horrible. it was impossibel to fix them now nd she couldnt leave them liek that so in all her wedding pcis she has bright purple nails!

  6. Peace says:

    I wasn’t there, but when my future brother in law got married, his uncle and family not only arrived to the wedding so late that they missed the ceremony, but brought a pizza to the reception because they didn’t think the food was kosher enough for them (it was a Jewish wedding).

  7. Bunnybear says:

    Actually, it was my best friends wedding at which I was the maid of honor. She booked this photographer who kept the entire wedding party from the reception for three hours. We were allowed to eat, do the bridal dances, and get one drink before the bar closed. She has the most beautiful and extensive selection of photographs from the occasion, but to this day, 15 years later, she cannot look at these pictures without crying. They just remind her of the fun we all missed out on. In fact, none of the bridal party is in the majority of other people’s pictures from that day.

  8. USMC WIFE says:

    *sigh* dont really want to complain, my wedding was beautiful… but when my husband asked me to marry him we were going to just have a court house wedding. My mother pitched a fit over that, but at the time it was what was best for us. A few days later we found out one of my grandfathers had terminal cancer, so we agreed to have our wedding in San Francisco where my family is from and actully “do it right” as my mother would say. I made a few trips home in the planning proess to make sure everything was going alright, see the venue, pick out my dress, all of that stuff. My hubby to be and I flew in three days before the wedding, had the rehersal dinner, and celebrated New Year’s Eve the night before the wedding. The morning of the wedding went fine (other then the small mishaps like one of my bride’s maids dropping her flowers and me getting waterproof mascara on my veil both of which were fixed so you would never know). I took pictures before, stayed true to the not seeing my hubby to be tradition, and finaly was ready to go down to the ceremony. I made it up the isle fine, the guys looked perfect (I had not seen them all morning), and the ceremony was beautiful. We were announced husband and wife, and walked back out of the isle to a little room where we waited while all the guests got out of the ceremony room so we could go in and take pictures. Eventually that was over with, and they got ready to announce us into the reception room. The whole time I wasnt really paying attention to who was there as guests because the only people I had see were my hubby, the bridal party, my parents, his parents, and the photographer. I had seen a blur of faces walking up the isle, but wasnt really paying attention.

    So we sat down to dinner, and that’s when it happened… The bridal party, my husband, and myself were sitting at a long head table, and all the guests were sitting at round tables through out the room. I leaned over to my husband and said “Where’s grandpa, have you seen him”. He said no, so I had to call one of the servers to go get my dad from his table (at the point I just figured my grandpa was at the bathroom or something). When my father came over to the table and I asked where my grandpa was I was informed he did not come to the wedding. I remember feeling like I was going to throw up. I quickly got up and headed for the door out of the reception closely followed by my husband, who was followed by my father, who was followed by my mother. I some how managed not to burst into tears until after I was away from all the guests, but as soon as I was I fell into my husband’s arms sobbing. My mother then informed me that she had known since before my husband and I got up to San Francsico that my grandpa wasnt coming, and she had just decided not to tell me.

    To this day it still makes me mad. I dont know if I’m more upset he didnt show (it’s only a 20 minute drive from where he and my grandmother live and he didnt make it… but he made a trip to my cousin’s wedding in friggin Idaho… my grandmother was there though), or that my mother didnt tell me. I would have at least like a phone call, something, anything other then the way it happened. I went back into the reception and finished dinner, not letting on to anyone what had happened, and finished out the night. If it werent for my husband I probably would have flipped out. I guess my grandpa told someone in the family that he regreted not going to the wedding, but he’s still never mentioned a thing of it to me. We were married 9 months ago tomorrow… and they say he only has a few months left. I cant help but be bitter, but I try to refrain from telling him how I feel about it.

    Ugh, I miss my husband now… lol… but good luck with your renewal!

    Edit: Emmy- thank you for the compliment. Looking back on it my parents spent a fair amount of money on my wedding, pretty much so my mom could put on a show and make everyone in the family and everone who knew her feel better about how quickly my husband and I got married (my family never has and never will understand you can’t just tell the Marine Corps that you need the day/week off to get married). In the end I let her do what she wanted. I put my foot down about my veil, my bride’s maids dresses, and the flowers my girls and I carried. We did get to pick the cake, but that was about it. In the end though it wasnt the wedding we would have chosen (we would have rather been married in a little white church in Wisconsin where my husband is from) either way someone’s family was going to be “left out”. All that mattered to us was that I was his wife, and he my husband. It still hurts what my grandfather did by not coming (at the time he was in no way bed bound or anything of the sort) and what my mother and grandmother did by not telling me. But I cant change it now, and it’s something that weighs on my grandfather that he has to deal with. I love my husband, and I have found something that in the end matters more then any wedding possibly could: my soul mate. There is no amount of distance (not even 8,000 miles in the sands of Iraq) that could change that fact. I have had enough love in the past to years to last a lifetime, and it’s just sad that my grandfather was not able to witness that day. God Bless, and Semper Fi

  9. emmy says:

    My personal advice is not to get too many people involved, I learned that after my wedding and unfortunately had a hard time expressing myself. My MIL is very controlling and I tried so hard to make her happy, but I realize she’s that way. Try not to please anyone except yourself and your husband. My MIL had so many suggestions, comments and here I was bending over backwards, guess what. She was miserable at the wedding, it was so obvious. She has issues but I think she wanted to marry my husband and wear the white dress.

    Other wedding stories from friends, the photographer never delivered the photos and was flirting with the waitress the whole time

    The priest never showed the day of another wedding

    If anything happens, ask yourself how would you handle the situations and make a mental picture. Then you won’t be so upset.

    My MIL really took me by surprise with her whining but I demanded an apology from her. She did. But I haven’t fully accepted her apology. I’m working on it.

    USMC WIFE++++
    I was really touched by your story, you sound like a very giving person. I think I have the same problem. I was in tears after my wedding because of my MIL’s behavior and lashing out at me and my family. Her mind is so suspicious like we deliberately did not include her in the planning. But it seemed everything revolved around her, even the final date of our wedding was changed to accomodate her family.

  10. leela says:

    Over all my wedding turned out nice, but I would do it over again if given the chance. My mother was running late so I wanted my dad to help me put on my dress. Instead his sister put it on me. Well she ended getting lipstick on the back of my dress. I was screaming at my mom for coming late. A friend of mine did get the stain out and we got married. At the reception my dad’s sister ended up putting her hands in the cake and it tumbled over. Thankfully it was only close friends and family so we had a free for all on the cake. If my dad’s sister was not there I’m sure it would of turned out better. I hope you feel a little better in reading my horror story.

  11. Dee77 says:

    Well my uncle who is like 45 years old showed up to the ceremony all coked up. He was acting like a total freak.
    He is diabetic and not supposed to drink but does anyway and totally cannot hold his liquor at all. On top of this he is a ego-maniac , constant liar, and a prick. He got all sh*t-faced and started hitting on this 17 y/o girl. He was messing around with her and she put him in a head lock or something and he was so messed up that he fell and hit his face off of a table. All of a sudden I look over and he has blood running all down his face and is all disorientated and stumbling around.
    The police and an ambulance had to come and take him away.

    If that wasn’t enough my other uncle took acid or ecstacy or something and was pretty much re-enacting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in the lawn behind the building the reception was in. People were hanging out inside and outside so everyone saw him. He ended up throwing up everywhere outside and I stepped in it.

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