Wedding help greatly needed in Birmingham area!?

March 29th, 2010

I have a wedding date set for June 28 this year. It was planned very last minute. My fiance and I just moved to the Birmingham area and are not yet members of a church. We are having a lot of trouble finding a church or any facility to get married in, and finding a minister has been next to impossible because every one that we have spoken to wont perform the ceremony if we are not members of their church, and the rest are charging an arm and a leg to do it, and unfortunately our wedding budget is not so great. Please help!!!!

2 Responses to “Wedding help greatly needed in Birmingham area!?”

  1. BeHappyLifeIs2Short says:

    get married elsewhere.[other town , dont give up there has to be other possibilities]

  2. darkstrikingshadow says:

    Congratulations on you’re engagement. Sadly, I don’t think you would find any help here. I’m sorry.

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