Wedding Decorations, Centerpieces and Ideas

March 27th, 2010

Pictures of our products at various weddings and special events. Seen at: Bellagio, Venetian, Ritz Carlton, “The Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars”.

25 Responses to “Wedding Decorations, Centerpieces and Ideas”

  1. jujajun99 says:

    the amount of praise and awe expressed makes this a major decor contender for the bride wanting the best. That’s me:) You want people in love with what you have done at your wedding and glad to have been there and talking about it later. Great and thanks for the info.

  2. vanessa6486 says:

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  3. britanybest1 says:

    That Was The Best Video I Have Seen On Youtube

    Bloody Fantastic!


  4. landrycrazy1 says:

    makes me want to get married!!!

  5. aliciasilver11 says:

    Awesome video….

  6. anistonjenna says:

    That was crazy…lol…loved it!!!!

  7. jrjuliecrazy says:


  8. elesama1 says:

    Oh my God, that is fantastic… well done to you for doing it! Super!

  9. jermiejame says:

    THat soo beautiful !!!

  10. jennifer7867 says:

    this is the best one ive seen !!

  11. aliceinne says:

    Fantastic guys, well done & congrats!

  12. katieholmes41 says:

    That was great. Its awesome the way they put this together.

  13. arkwing878 says:

    quite possibly one of the best Wedding Decorations i’ve ever seen, absolutely hysterical…and the big man can move…

  14. senary231 says:

    You know the youtube “has arrived” when we’re doing it at weddings 🙂 nice one!

  15. firepowr12 says:

    Awesome and just magic.

  16. madstreet989 says:

    that was absolutely AMAZING!!!

  17. lovableduo7 says:

    LOL This was great! A big thumbs up

  18. catseverywer says:

    My husband and I love this video. We want our son and his future wife to do this at their wedding.
    Great job. Good luck to you both.

  19. sexylady8971 says:

    This was is very good nice. Good Job!

  20. ashonloose says:

    That is amazing lol..I am so doing that for my wedding ..thanks guys 😉

  21. anistonlovez says:

    Nice, real nice. Congrats 😉

  22. paltrowpal7 says:

    That’s wonderful…

  23. sexncity7865 says:

    Totally Awesome! It has inspired me to do the same at my committment ceremony! Thanx!

  24. triumph721 says:

    absolutely fantatstic guys, cant stop watching it.

  25. tellmeyudepart says:

    excellent … BRAVO BRAVO et encore BRAVO !!!

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