This is going to sound really bad but I really need help with my family of thieves?

April 22nd, 2010

I pretty much came from nothing, but managed to get out in time to keep my sanity, educate myself, and make a decent honest lifestyle. I married and immediately moved away from family which was one of the best decisions of my life. Here’s the thing…
When I go home to visit, I have 2 choices:
1. Stay with family that will steal everything I have from panties (i know gross) to whatever they can get there hands on
2. Stay with a nice family member with a huge infestation
Another huge problem is that the minute I hit home my family does nothing but beg from me, and it gets irritating, so not only do I have to deal with the stealing, I get begged from the entire time. So I learned a while ago that it’s best for my husband and I to stay in hotels. Somehow my family still manages to steal things from me, and pretty much get me for something. I have never left home without something coming up missing before I get on the plane. I try so hard to plan my trip out wisely but somehow someway something gets stolen. Last year my ipod came up missing, and it was the touch and was my most favorite and was personally engraved by my husband.
Although I am staying in a hotel, what steps can I make to assure that I won’t get stolen from? I already bought a swingpack which you can out over the body and keep on you at all times.
My husband feels like I should leave every at home, my wedding ring, laptop, camera, ipod, and other things but that’s the reason we have it all. I have realized my family will never ever change so I have to take precautions, and be smart about everything.
I appreciate the answers, but please spare me the ones that say “if they won’t quit stealing stop going home.” this is where I was born and raised and where my entire life was lived until four years ago, not going home is not a option
thanx for the great ideas I really appreciate them, but it’s not that easy. I make no secret that about the stealing but I’m 34 and it’s not gonna happen. So I think it’s best to leave everything of value at home.

6 Responses to “This is going to sound really bad but I really need help with my family of thieves?”

  1. Mia W says:

    If your family doesn’t respect you enough to not steal from you, stop going home.

  2. Lioness says:

    Wow, how utterly pathetic that you can’t be around your family without them feeling they have a right to steal all your belongings! Stay at a hotel, do not invite them to your room, and take minimal belongings with you when you go to visit them. I know I am not you, but I would never visit my family if they behaved this way. I wish you well.

  3. Catherine D says:

    i would really listen to your husband and leave anything of importance to you at home. or you can just leave them all at the hotel and not tell your family where you are staying. when you do go see your family bring as little as possible and leave everything else in your hotel or at home. also, make sure your swing pack or what ever you will have on you has a zipper and not one of those bags that only have one button. zippers are hard to get into. and dont let that bad leave your sight. keep it with you no matter what. i hope i helped.

  4. grayquill2 says:

    You seem to want to believe that maybe this time it will be different. Your husband seems to understand the situation exactly like it is. Be pragmatic, leave everything of value at home.

  5. Mark K says:

    Put your family in thier place by being respectful and not nameing anyone you “think” may have taken your property…talk to all explain your love for them; as you obiously do have, and let them know/become of aware of the hurt and shame you feel because of thier actions and of the consequences of loseing you as a part of thier life’s. Also remember sometimes people change in time usally for the better.

  6. Rapscallion Account #2 says:

    This is an easy answer. A great deal of motels have safe’s in the rooms. Leave important things in there, don’t take them to your families house, enough said.

    But honestly even though you don’t want to hear it the best thing for you to do is cut ties with your family. I had the same problem as you, came from nothing worked my butt off and actually make a great deal of cash.

    Every time i was in contact with family, all i ever heard was the begging. Which really i didn’t have a problem helping family out, but when you help a person catch their mortgage up and they turn around and go out and buy a car with 0 down, when the car they had was in perfect shape, you suddenly realize that helping them was a bad idea. I dealt with my fair share of theft, right down to a sister that stole my check book and wrote over $75,000 in checks (She’s now in jail).

    I’ve broke off contact with them, accepted that i don’t really have a family other then the ones that live within my house. And quite frankly, i am quite a bit happier without all the stress and misery that my so called family caused.

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