This is a real incident. How is it?

April 4th, 2010

One night 4 college students were playing till late night and didnt study for the test which was scheduled for the next day. In the morning they thought of a plan. They made themselves look as dirty and weird with grease and dirt. Then, they went up to dean and said that they had gone out to a wedding last night and on thier return. The tire of this car burst and they had to push the car all the way. Back and that they were in no condition to appear for the test. So the dean said that they can have the re-test after 3 days. They talked him and said they will be ready by that time. On 3rd day, dean said this was a special test and all 4 are required to sit in seperate class rooms for the test, the TEST QUESTIONS:
Q1. Your Name…….-2marks.
Q2.which tire burst?
a)front left b)front right c)back left d)back right. -98MARKS.this is a real incident.
IIT bombay batch 92-96. How is it?

11 Responses to “This is a real incident. How is it?”

  1. Brain Babe says:

    The dean was a wise, wise man! He should be running the country, instead of the college! So, I guess you failed that class, huh?

  2. shridhar b says:

    Fantastic full marks to real Dean.

  3. balletdancer says:

    that is hilarious. i have heard something like this before. I was wondering why the were in separate classrooms. i guess they failed the test. It is so funny. I loved it. Especially the fact the the dean had probably had it happen before ad he was wise and sneaky enough to do that. I bet they learned their lesson!! HAHa

  4. Kevin says:

    brilliant man, he reminds me of Dumbledore

  5. Scarlett says:

    If my friends and I were the students we would all get perfect marks because we plan our lies so well.
    Ex. We planned about what time we reached the school, who we met,which place we went first,using who’s camera to capture, what time we reached. (That was when we lied about us going to ghost huntinghe when we actually took the pics from net)

  6. sid-animal lover says:

    if it was OUR GANG we wud hav decided not only the wheel but :-
    1)car color
    3)person sitting in
    a.front-left b.front-right c.back-left d.back-right
    4)seat color
    i wud hav also got eye-witnessess (lanjam)

    but instead of doing all this, it is better to STUDY!

    NOTE: aishu, pratz, priya are not my classmates.nan senior, avanga juniors!

  7. Priya...♥ says:

    nice joke

  8. angryrecycler67 says:

    That is so funny

  9. Mc.Zee says:

    oh! i cant believe this… the Dean was the Guru of these guys 🙂

  10. THE NaDaL FORCE never stops says:

    realy interesting,

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