This Bridesmaid dress worn as wedding gown???

April 9th, 2010

To save money, I had the idea of wearing a bridesmaid gown as my bridal gown. I’m just in the beginnings of the planning, but I know we’re not having any super formal. Just elegant. I found a really nice BM’s gown on Jim Hjelm’s website, and I would like some feedback on the dress and the idea. I’m trying to save as must money as I can…but still look nice on my special day. So, what do you think? Here’s the link:;_ylt=Anm53IOucp4Mfk6G_.H4BicjzKIX;_ylv=3?link=ask
Oops…sorry about that link. Hopefully this one will work!
Oh! And yes, I would want it in a white or ivory color.

16 Responses to “This Bridesmaid dress worn as wedding gown???”

  1. princesaajess says:

    the link doesnt work 🙁

  2. zen_bodhisattva says:

    the link doesn’t work

  3. Mshell says:

    not a good link….

  4. mom to 4 girls says:

    I think it is beautiful.

  5. faith_sellers101 says:

    Hey I think there is something wrong with your link,because I clicked on it and it brought me to nothing.

  6. me says:

    Still doesnt work

  7. Mom Mominson says:

    That link doesn’t work, but you can wear whatever you want on your wedding day baby!

  8. N@+@Lie says:

    Wear it! What like just because you don’t wear something amazing your not married? no, getting married is about you an your lover. So how cares what you wear! He will love you either way! So ya wear that!


  9. science chick says:

    That isn’t the right link, you copied from the wrong page.

    Wear whatever kind of dress you want as long as you feel beautiful. I have also thought about getting a dress that isn’t sold as a wedding dress, though I want white/ivory. I first thought about getting a nice white sundress, but I want to make sure I feel bridal. If this is a problem for you, just make sure you try dresses on to see if you just feel pretty or if you feel it is perfect to get married in. Jessica McClintock has a lot of pretty dresses for reasonable prices, some of which are bridesmaids gowns available in a range colors, and I think they pretty much list any white or ivory dress they have in their bridal section.

    It doesn’t eed to be traaditional, but it should feel special and perfect for such a special day.

  10. giget says:

    my wedding dress cost me 32 dollars…my wedding is coming up soon and we got the dress early./…..i got it at goody’s( normal clothing store) its a short dress (a bit below my knees) but its white and its summery since im having a summer wedding…………………..its going to be a casual wedding but my wedding dress is perfect……….just cuase there ARE wedding dresses doesnt mean we have to BUY a “wedding dress” my lil sister made her bridesmaids dress….and she’ll be making the other bridesmaid dress as well………………………………..seriously…im all for cheap yet beutiful………………………..and the best thing about my wedding dress is i’ll be able to wear it as a normal summer dress afterwards…………..

    from a
    bride to be sister using her sisters email

  11. phantom_of_valkyrie says:

    I think wearing a bridesmaid gown as a bridal gown is a great idea. It is much cheaper. They tend to not be as formal as a a Bridal gown but perfect for a slightly more casual wedding. A lot of brides use them for destination weddings. If you already know you aren’t having super formal (so you won’t have to worry about your bridesmaid’s dresses being more formal) it’s a great idea.

    I’m not a huge fan of David’s Bridal but they allow you to search by color so you could look through white bridesmaids dresses. Also several stores have perhaps one or two gowns that might work. J Crew has one that just seems perfect for a destination wedding.

  12. Helicreature says:

    That dress is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

  13. CBT Princess says:

    I think it’s very pretty and it’s a great idea too – very pretty dress – go for it!

  14. charliefizz says:

    I think that would work really well as a brides dress. Maybe have the bridesmaids in shorter dresses to make yours stand out even more.

  15. life*love*happiness says:

    its beautiful and if its what you want thats all that matters!

  16. Wicked Bride says:

    love the bow!

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