suing a wedding dj…on what grounds?!?

March 24th, 2010

Well established wedding dj been in the buisiness over 20 years. We are the top of the line dj we dress to the 9’s we also take photos and put a free gallery online. One month before each wedding we meet up with the bride& groom to be & go through the whole wedding from start to finish which includes songs bridal waltz wedding bouquet games speeches..everything. Now one couple is saying they are unhappy with the performance from 10pm till midnight (they are happy with everything else) they say that from this time knowone danced.. They knew what music we would be playing (which usually kicks weve been in the buisiness so long we know what works & what doesn’t) is it our fault if that particular crowd didn’t dance?as I said the 2hr interview 1 month before covers this… Followed by signed contract. Any advice?

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  1. sociald says:

    I used to DJ. I remember I had a who had some youth event at a church meet with me, mainly about song choice, and then later was unhappy.
    I remember playing two songs I was unsure if they would like so I asked someone in their group if I could as people were requesting them and they told me ok. So I did.

    I didnt refund anything and never heard any more about it. Of course they didnt hire me again but even if I had refunded some money they wouldnt have hired me again. Its just one of those situations.

    I guess it comes down to do you feel you possibly did anything wrong? from you description I think you covered things very well.
    If it were me I would just tell them im sorry it didnt go how you wish it would have , but that you performed what you were hired to do as you discussed you would. And leave it at that.
    They could take you to small claims court, and of course if its as you described they would most likely lose.
    I did some weddings too and I know how people get their imagination going about weddings and how they ‘envision’ things to happen. But that isnt always how it turns out. And that isnt always someones fault.

  2. jackson says:

    2 hours interview and a contract. They have no grounds to complain. You can’t make people dance.

    OK you give them a full or partial refund in order to preserve your reputation as a business. But then they will talk even more squat because they got even with the crappy DJ.

    Best to just tell them to go away.

  3. Karaoke DJ Kyle says:

    The questions I have is how detailed were you in song selection.
    a) just song type ie. country, r&b, pop
    b) particular songs besides the father/daughter & first dance

    I like to use a combination of both of these. When I meet with a couple I will direct them to my website to pick songs for there event. There are 4 choices
    a) Must Play
    b) Play if possible
    c) Do Not Play
    d) Not making a choice

    With this feature I have not had this issue come up. I have, however had a few grooms give me a list of all the song the wanted player in the order they wanted them played. In these cases I explain to the couple that while this list is great it may not represent there crowd and if I use only there list I can not promise there guest will dance or even stay. On the night of the event I will still start with the play list and as guest start to complain I will inform them this is the play list provided by the Groom and to direct there issue to him. Most times the groom will come to me with in 3 to 4 songs and to tell me to do what I do best.

    Many things can lead to no dancing
    a) long reception (what time did you start, how long until the dancing started, was there a lot of down time)
    b) not all, but most parties need adult beverages to assist in relaxing the crowd
    c) maybe there just not a dancing crowed
    d)could by a religious thing (I have been hired by Pentecostals with the understanding there would be no dancing) they wanted an Emcee
    last 3 questions
    the last two hours, were they contracted or did you go overtime
    and did they say anything during the dance good or bad
    how often did you check with them on there impression
    Thank you
    Kyle Brown
    Good Time Entertainment
    Bridal Association of America

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