3 Responses to “Starting a joint bank account for the wedding?”

  1. Emilly says:

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    Best of luck.

  2. jlf says:

    A pre-nup only addresses assets you both might have prior to the marriage in the event of a later divorce; it will not help manage debt problems.

    Yes, you can open a joint bank account even if you are not yet married. Think it over first, however.

  3. FlexiBoy3000 says:

    Well, a prenuptial agreement typically addresses marital assets, not debts. With respect to opening a joint account, you can open one with whomever you please, as long as you both sign the appllication. So it is acceptable for the two of you to open a joint account. It is critical to remember that you are both fully vested in the interest of the account, so if either of you have hidden collections, or judgments, or anything that could affect your personal assets, this joint account is fair game, irrespective of who has contributed all or part of the money.

    In my opinion, it would be wise to shop around for an interest bearing checking account or money market account, so that way you have access to the funds. If you choose a money market account, be aware that you will be limited to only 6 drafts per month (federal regulation). And if you choose a CD, the interest will be higher, but the cash will be locked in for the duration of the CD. If you want towithdraw it beforehand, you can pay a hefty penalty.

    My suggestion is to shop around for online checking accounts, or those locally held at credit unions, for these offer the highest rates. Congratulations, and I hope that this helps!

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