Speech for high school student council vice president election?

April 17th, 2010

I hav eto give a speech to run for vice president of my school’s student council, though I have no idea where to start. I don’t want to copy a speech, but some ideas or examples would be great.

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  1. askthetoughquestions says:

    Make promises you can realistically deliver on(better prom, pizza at meetings, school issues etc.) Then throw in some ridiculous promise, like catching Bin Laden or better school lunches… end with a catchy saying about voting for you.

  2. Alea S says:

    You could promise to at least listen to each student’s concerns. Open communication is important. Try to get the students to agree to make your school and drug, alcohol, violence, etc free zone. Say you will respect the individual, while trying to do what is best for the majority of students. Be likable.

    If it is a problem where you are, you might what to take up one controversial issue. What I’m thinking of is the MILITARY RECRUITERS who come to each school and promise the moon to these kids, just to get them to sign up for military service. Make your school a WAR FREE ZONE. NB! This will perhaps cost you the election, however, you may save a couple of kid’s lives. What good is college if you are dead fighting for the US oil companies in Iraq!! By the way, kids who work full time for a year at a fast food restaurant, who save all the money they make, they of course must live rent free with their parents, at the end of the year they have enough money to go 2 years to a community college and 2 years to a state college! This join the military for college is a bunch of crap.

  3. ovrwrkdlawyr says:

    You should sing a song, do a dance or put on a skit. No one wants to hear a speech. Make it funny. Make fun of the school, teachers and administration. This is your five minutes to make an impact on the school. Do something that everyone will remember. If you go down, at least go down in flames.

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