Showin PSU pride with ice cream instead of cake, would you like it?

April 9th, 2010

Me & my husband got married 2 1/2 yrs ago before marrying to Iraq. We went to the courthouse, and only had his parents and mine, plus 2 friends. We told the family not to worry cause we were having one when he got home- now that he’s back from an 18mo. tour, we’re planning a december wedding..

We’re both from Penn State & his entire family are penn state alum and all continuously visit campus throughout the year for football and other penn state volunteer programs- everyone’s had their world famous penn state ice cream…

Since cakes are so expensive, and from what i remember as a child, no one really eats the cake. Take a few bites, but really want cake? no… so i ordered a nice 2 tiered big cake to cut & put on display (baby blue with snow flakes! vanilla with raspberry filling and buttercreme icing, yum!) but for dessert, we’re going to get penn state ice cream and serve it!

now, the country club is going to recieve the ice cream from penn state, scoop it in the kitchen into bowls, freeze it, and then serve the bowls after we cut the cake (so no tacky scooping in the middle of the room)

i wanted to share our penn state pride and instantly thought how everyone would love some of the world famous and best tasting ice cream… specially since his family eats it all the time. plus, it’s a lot cheaper! and if someone has allergies, we’ll give them some cake since i ordered enough to feed half of the guests…

(btw, i’m going to put a picture from next to the cake explaining that to share our penns tate pride, a special dessert of PSU ice cream will be served instead of cake and kinda surprise those who walk up and look at the cake…)

Would you like it? is it a good idea? need input!
not doing a cupcake tree.. i personally thnk they’re tacky.. (no offense) and they cost as much as a cake…

but we’d get 2 flavors of ice cream like mint choc. chip or strawberry with chocolate…

7 Responses to “Showin PSU pride with ice cream instead of cake, would you like it?”

  1. Megs says:

    I think it is an ok idea, but often people who can’t have ice cream can’t have cake, just a tid bit!

    Have you thought about doing Cupcakes or petite fours? They are cheaper. We are doing the cupcakes.

  2. Sarah M says:

    I love this idea! It really ties in a special element too!
    Sounds like a yummy way to express your personalities as a couple!

  3. almarj70 says:

    I love this idea. Couples like you and your husband to be who aren’t afraid to let their personalities shine through and incorporate things that are important to them on their important day are always winners in my book. You have even given them another option (cake) if ice-cream doesn’t appeal ( what a good , considerate hostess

  4. fizzy stuff says:

    Im PSU alum myself!
    I think you run the risk of some people not understanding that its PSU ice cream, and also not caring that its PSU ice cream (its famous among people who went to Penn State, but do other people know about it?). If your venue is using a bowl with plate under, perhaps you could insert a little tag that says “flown in directly from Penn State” and have that peeking out under the bowl.
    Then people will understand the significance to you.

    As a guest, I would still wonder why you have a cake up there but arent serving it, so maybe you shouldnt have a cake at all. I hate ice cream (I know, blasphemy at PSU) but I love cake.

  5. Sarah B says:

    YUM ICECREAM I LOVE IT THAT IS THE MOST AWESOME IDEA EVER!!!!but incase someone is lactose get like a sorbet. only if you think it is necsarry though

  6. LuXy In Love! says:

    Sounds great! Make sure you have other options for people who might be lactose intolerant (like me). LOL

    I would still order cake for everyone. If there is still cake at the end of the reception, just give it away to guests. People kinda expect cake at a wedding!

  7. hi says:

    yummm. get peachy paterno!!!!

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