Sarah’s Maid of Honor Speech for Donna

March 25th, 2010

“Good evening everybody. Donna, you look stunning, and Tom, you clean up pretty nice too. I want to thank everybody for celebrating with us tonight, and the rest of the wedding party, family and friends for pulling this event together as a community to celebrate a new marriage. My name is Sarah, I have the honor and privilege of being Donna’s maid of honor. Donna and I first met when she came as a sort of ambassador from Milan to befriend the new pastors kids in middle school. As my Dad reminds me, we didn’t say a word to each other the entire time and tried to ignore each other as best we could. Needless to say, our friendship blossomed from there. The most outstanding thing I have done with Donna is a mission trip to Jamaica. When you jet off to a foreign country with no real idea what you are doing and or how, a persons true colors come out. Not that these were much different than normal, but it was great to see illustrations of Donna’s heart there. Just the idea that she would commit to an international mission trip testament to her serving heart. She is always more than willing to help someone in need, and she always takes action when her heart is moved to give instead of standing by with empty empathy. Donna is also adventurous. She has always been the one to pull me along and help me break out of anything holding me back. Hiking up flooding Jamaican waterfalls in the middle of the jungle was definitely an adventure and a challenge, something Donna is always ready

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