Rituals and Ceremonies (celebrations, weddings, graduations etc), What is the point (or psychology) of them?

April 14th, 2010

Humans have had rituals, religeous and otherwise for hundreds of years. Weddings, graduations, birthday parties etc. Even leveling up in a computer game is associated with a “well done” reward and ritual.

Why do we want and need these rites of passage?
How do they make you feel?
Why do they motivate people?
What is the point?

I think these rituals etc are great, I think the world could better use them to motivate and inspire. What do you think?

3 Responses to “Rituals and Ceremonies (celebrations, weddings, graduations etc), What is the point (or psychology) of them?”

  1. billy25685 says:

    it gives us a reason to celebrate, to break the monotony of life, and yes to mark the right of passage.

  2. San Mateo says:

    Rituals help us understand transitions in life and give us something to reflect on when we make important decisions. Also since many rituals involve members of the community, they give others the opportunity to witness an important decision or event, which in turn serves as an anchor for the individuals involved.

    Modern society places tremendous value on individual freedom, but individual responsibility needs to step up along with it, and we’re not often taught that. Rituals serve to commemorate important choices and encourage us to celebrate and take responsibility for them.

    I agree that the world could better use rituals to motivate and inspire.

  3. jlk says:

    To give thanks to those who supported our endeavors, to tell others Jib well done! I’m proud of you, etc and another opportunity to say I love you to those that matter most.
    I teach school and it always gives me a great feeling to see those kids walk across the stage at graduation.

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