review is coming…how to ask for a raise?

April 17th, 2010

I am a 26 year old female working for a worldwide company as an Event Manager. I have experience as an assitant restaurant manager, but this is my first time working as an Event Manager. When I first applied for the position, starting salary was list as $32,000-$38,000 BOE. I was offered the job, at $38,000 and asked for $40,000. I was told my the head of HR that this was beyond their budget, so I accept the 38k offer. Another position with the company has opened up at a near by location, for the same job that I hold. I found the position listed as up to 40k BOE on craigslist. I will be up for my review in April, and I am hoping to ask for a raise. First, how much should I ask for? I’ve been with the company since November, and thus far am putting up great numbers from my location. My boss seems quite please with my perfomance. We are actually number one in the region for event completion, which is quite an accomplishment. So, how much should I ask for and how should I do it?? I am planning a wedding, and finances are tight enough as it is. I truely believe I am worth more than what I am making but I don’t want to be pushy.
You’re correct about the grammatical errors. I was typing quickly, and tend to be far less formal while chatting here on Yahoo Answers. My question here is not a direct reflection of my work ethic or perfomance, but rather a quick question to ask for advice on how to ask for a raise. The company looks for an event completion rate of 92% monthly. Since I;ve been with the company, I’ve averaged 98%. We are also targeted to keep labor hours around 7.02% daily. When I arrived at my location, it was averaging 7.6%. Today, the average is 6.9%, clearly without negative impact on completion. I have recruited more staff to the location since I joined in November, than any Event Manager has over the last 2 years. My progressive discipline with the staff is both documented, and showing benefit, with clear proof in increased secret shop scores for our sales advisors. As of April, I will have been with the company for 6 months (hence the review). I deserve the raise, that much I know
I’ve just never has to ask for one before. At my last position I started out as a server (with a college degree), and was quickly promoted to shift supervisor, to Assistant Manager of a high volume restaurant. Rather than a simple raise, I’ve been offered rapid promotions. My question is really just how to ask for a raise, and in what manner should I present the fact that I deserve one?

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  1. edrogers55 says:

    There are a number of factors to consider: You’ve worked there for less than 6 months, your experience is limited to that amount of time and there is another position within the company that lists a higher amount than you currently earn. You also state that you’re “putting up great numbers from your location.”

    With no disrespect intended, you have a minor grammatical and spelling error in your question. Is this an indication of your work at the company? Yes, I’m being picky – I’m trying to be constructive.

    I can’t answer how much, or even if, you should ask for a raise. It may even depend upon who your company hires at the other location – a less experienced individual will make less. This could open a window of opportunity for you. The opposite would be true for a more experienced person.

    I recommend keeping up your numbers. When March arrives, see if you can find out more about your new peer. This will give you some knowledge with which to negotiate.

    I wish you success with both your employment and impending nuptials!

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