Raison in the sun help?? Plz?

April 5th, 2010

1. In Act I, Scene One, Ruth asks what Mama will do with the insurance money. Mama replies, “I ain’t rightly decided.” What does Mama mean? (1 point)
I don’t want to make this decision alone.
I have no idea.
I think I’ve made the wrong decision.
I’m not quite sure.
2. Which of the following is LEAST helpful in providing historical context for the play? (1 point)
the all-white community of Clybourne Park
Beneatha’s “mutilated” hair
Beneatha’s desire to become a doctor
Asagai’s desire to help his fellow Nigerians
3. In Act I, Mama slaps Beneatha because Beneatha (1 point)
wants the insurance money to be used for her medical schooling.
denies the existence of God.
says that she would rather die than marry George Murchison.
makes fun of Walter.
4. Who is pleased to hear that Ruth is pregnant? (1 point)
5. What important difference does Mama see between Walter (her son) and Big Walter (her late husband)? (1 point)
Big Walter did all he could for his children, but Walter does not try to talk his wife out of having an abortion.
Big Walter worked himself to death, but Walter tries his best to avoid hard work.
Big Walter took an interest in other women, but Walter is faithful to Ruth.
Big Walter never would have considered a fly-by-night scheme, but Walter pins all his hopes on such a plan.
6. The “back to the past” scene that opens Act II is meant to be staged (1 point)
with loud noise and energetic movement.
using lighting that focuses on one character at a time.
on a stage that is almost bare.
with the characters speaking in awed whispers.
7. When she makes a speech to Walter, giving him responsibility for the remaining insurance money, Mama is showing her (1 point)
favoritism toward Walter.
willingness to believe in Walter.
interest in buying the liquor store.
respect for the memory of Big Walter.
8. Which description best characterizes Karl Lindner as he makes his first speech to the Youngers? (1 point)
frightened and apologetic
civil and strongly suspicious
scheming and arrogant
soothing but determined
9. Which of the following best illustrates the theme of family unity? (1 point)
Asagai’s idea that Beneatha go to Nigeria
Ruth’s decision to have another baby
Mama’s references to Big Walter
Mama and Beneatha’s sharing a room
10. In the final moments of the play, Mama says to Ruth, “He finally come into his manhood today, didn’t he?” How is Mama feeling, and why? (1 point)
She is delighted because Travis is starting to behave like Walter.
She is proud because Walter has made a decision that puts his family first.
She is frightened because Walter’s behavior is so unusual.
She is disgusted because Walter has made a decision that she considers unwise.
B. Recognizing Literary Elements and Techniques.
Choose the term that best answers the question.
11. —Which literary element is illustrated by the following excerpt?

(She waits another second and then starts into the bedroom, but is apparently satisfied that her husband has begun to get up. She stops, pulls the door to, and returns to the kitchen area. She wipes her face with a moist cloth and runs her fingers through her sleep disheveled hair in a vain effort and ties an apron around her housecoat. The bedroom door at right opens and her husband stands in the doorway in his pajamas, which are rumpled and mismated. He is a lean, intense young man in his middle thirties, inclined to quick, nervous movements and erratic speech habits—and always in his voice there is a quality of indictment.) (1 point)
stage directions
historical context
12. Mama says to Ruth, “You aiming to iron all them things?” Her speech is an example of which literary element? (1 point)
stage directions
historical context
13. The following excerpt from the introduction illustrates which literary element?

Produced in 1959, the play presaged the revolution in black and women’s consciousness that exploded in the years following the playwright’s death in 1965…. (1 point)
stage directions
historical context
14. The following excerpt is an example of which literary element?

GEORGE: Oh—hello, Mrs. Younger.
MAMA: Hello, George, how are you feeling?
GEORGE: Fine—fine, how are you? (1 point)
stage directions
historical context
15. At the end of the play, the stage directions read “The lights dim down.” This is an example of which literary element? (1 point)
stage directions
historical context
C. Essay Questions
16. Hansberry prefaces this play with a poem by Langston Hughes. What is the relationship between the play and the poem? Give examples from A Raisin in the Sun to support your answer. (3 points

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  1. Lucy L says:

    Time to read the play, which is, by the way, titled “Raisin in the Sun.” You won’t learn much if you don’t do your own homework or take your own tests. This is a great play–you might really enjoy it if you read it.

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