Question about RSVP cards?

April 17th, 2010

We hadn’t been planning to, but my fiance’s mother seems to think it’s rude of us to not have the RSVP card envelopes in the invites already stamped. I’ve never recieved an invite that I had to RSVP to that already had the stamp placed on it so this is totally new to me. Of course she said this only after it came up that we’d like to her send it to us even though it’s obvious she’s coming, we just wanted to keep them as part of the wedding memories. So for I know this is just something to complain about. 🙂

Am I suppose to include a stamped RSVP envelope?

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  1. steffo says:

    yes, it is your responsibility to stamp the reply cards.

  2. Fuzzie_Bare says:

    yes, its a common courtesy!

  3. elprez14 says:

    Yes you have to include a stamp. It is courtesy because you want people to respond. All the weddings I’ve been invited to (even a renewal of vows) always included a return stamp on the RSVP.

  4. You asked, be prepared. says:

    yes, it should be stamped.

  5. D.W. says:

    that is not a standard thing some ppl can choose to some don’t i didn’t why waste the money if they aren’t going to use it. besides most ppl don’t expect it. i think she’s just complaining.

  6. Jmerph says:

    Yes, you are supposed to put stamps on them. Just one more expense to a wedding. I had enough people not return the reply cards to me, and I had stamps on them. I would have hated to see how many people failed to send them back if they had to put a stamp on it too!

  7. MelB says:

    Yes, it actually is expected that the RSVP be stamped. The reason is two-fold, one is that you’re not supposed to expect the guest to pay for postage (I know, silly) and two, it is supposed to give the guest a gentle nudge that YES you expect that they send them back to you. Unfortunately, even if you pre-stamp them, there are tons of clods who won’t send them anyway, leaving you out 39 cents, and responsible for calling and asking them if they are coming or not.

  8. Dawn S says:

    Yep. You have to put a stamp on the RSVP envelope. It’s simple etiquette.

    And yes, you’ll be frustrated when people call to tell you they’re coming instead of sending the card, or better yet, you have to call them to see if they’re coming.

    Oh, and those who RSVP that they’re coming; you pay for their food, and they don’t come and don’t call to say they’re not!

    The worst is when they don’t RSVP and show up at your wedding anyway.

    All of these things happened to me, and will probably happen to you and every other bride out there.

    Don’t take any of this personally, and put a stamp on those RSVP envelopes. 🙂

  9. Solstice Bride says:

    I think so, yes. People are more inclined to return something if you’ve stamped it for them. But more importantly, I personally believe it’s better etiquette.

    Congratulations on your big day.

  10. jessann421 says:

    I think I was reading on that it is not customary to put RSVP cards with stamps in the envelopes. However, I think it is becoming more common to have them stamped. I think it also helps your guests remember to reply when they dont have to remember to send a reply. To me, I figured if I spent $40+ on stamps, but saved $25+ a plate on food per person it was well worth getting a more accurate guest count.

  11. LC says:

    No, you don’t have to. I’ve been invited to a half dozen or so weddings and I’ve never received one that was stamped.
    I think your right, she is only complaining because….

  12. nanny says:

    Yes, you are.

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